2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
    Mar 20, 2023  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

REL 1100 - Introduction to Religion

Goals: To examine general theories about religion and various dimensions of religion (e.g. the sacred, scriptures, ethics, practices, mysticism, etc.), to reflect on the role of religion in public life, and to appreciate various ways of being religious and non-religious.

Content: Topics discussed include approaches to the interpretation of scriptures, religious ethics, different kinds of “religious lives,” the challenges of religious diversity, religion and violence, atheism, religious trends in America and the world, and the relationship of religion to politics, law, science, and feminism.  A number of the world’s religious traditions and thinkers will be introduced through texts, case studies, films and field trips.

Taught: Every semester

Credits: 4