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    Jun 16, 2024  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

School of Business


Where the business, government, and non-profit sectors intersect to educate and collaborate for the common good.

Mission Statement

The Hamline School of Business is an inclusive community dedicated to the professional and personal development of our students, faculty and staff and to the advancement of the common good. We achieve our mission through teaching excellence, the integration of theory and practice, and the engagement of our stakeholders to address complex issues facing the business, government and non-profit sectors. We see our mission firmly rooted within the values of the Hamline University.

Departmental Honors

Students who have a GPA of at least 3.25 in their major courses are urged to complete a substantial research project to qualify for honors at graduation.


Hossein Akhavi-Pour, professor. BA 1969, Faculty of Law, Tehran University; MA 1975, PhD 1980, Kansas State University. Work experience: government, consulting, and academic. Research interests: international economics, regional economics, and the economies of the global south.

Peggy Andrews, senior lecturer. BA 1989, Ambassador University, Pasadena, CA.  MA 1999, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.  PhD 2010, University of Minnesota. Work experience: human resource leadership in packaged food and high-tech sectors; management consulting across publicly traded, family owned, and non-profit organizations.  Research interests:  white collar layoffs; career development; sociological, psychological and theological perspectives on maternal employment; individual and organizational flourishing.

David M. Berg, associate professor. BA 1981, St Olaf College; MIBS 1984, University of South Carolina; PhD 1998, University of Minnesota; CMA. Professional Experience: international finance, import/export/technology export. Research interests: globalization and competition, firm strategy and adaptation, context of international business, study abroad programs, international business pedagogy.

Stacie A. Bosley, Kahlert Professor of Economics, chair. BBA 1994, University of Wisconsin-Madison; PhD 2001, University of Minnesota. Work experience: information systems consulting and expert witness consulting in consumer fraud litigation. Research interests: income-related fraud (including pyramid schemes), consumer protection, and behavioral economics.

Jeannie Fox, professor of practice. BA 1988, South Dakota State University; MEd 1993, University of North Texas; doctoral student, Hamline University. Work experience: nonprofit and government human services, nonprofit advocacy and lobbying, public policy. Research interests: nonprofit-government relations, tax policy, and state association management.

Ken Fox, professor, chair. BA, 1979, University of California, Davis; JD 1985, Lewis and Clark Law School. Senior Fellow, Dispute Resolution Institute. Work Experience: business and government law practice, conflict management consulting to public, private, non-profit and regulated industries, courts, schools and universities. Research interests: mediation, negotiation, reflexive professional practice, conflict analysis.

Elizabeth W. Gunderson, professor, associate dean. BAS 1976, University of Minnesota; MBA 1981, University of St. Thomas; PhD 1991, The Union Institute. Work experience: nonprofit organizations and private consulting. Research interests: forensic economics, security analysis.

Eric Hammer, assistant professor. BS 2003, Pennsylvania State University; MA 2014, PhD 2018, George Mason University. Work experience: planning and supply chain management of complex systems in the chemical industry. Research interests: development of ownership norms at the genetic level, joint causality of voter turnout and the number of political parties, social costs of mandated aid programs.

Jae Hwan Lee, assistant professor. BA 2000, MA 2006, Seoul National University; MBA 2008, Brigham Young University; PhD 2015, Texas Tech University. Work experience: military strategic planning, English-Korean translation. Research interests: corporate social responsibility, business ethics.

J. Dan Lehmann, senior lecturer. BS 1974, MS 1975, PhD 1982, University of Illinois. Work experience: business executive in international firms and consulting. Research interests: investments, corporate finance and management.

John Lochner, lecturer, director of MBA and MSBA programs. BS 1980, Ohio State University; MA 1987, University of Texas-Dallas; MA 2009, DPA 2018, Hamline University.

Anne M. McCarthy, professor, dean. AB 1980, Georgetown University; MBA 1986, University of Connecticut; PhD 1992, Purdue University.  Work experience: bank operations, hotel operations, historic renovation and commercial real estate conversion.  Research interests:  business ethics, entrepreneurial and top executive decision making, and service learning.

Austin Miller, assistant professor. BA 2010, MPP 2012, Brigham Young University; PhD 2018, Washington State University. Research interests: microeconomic applications, behavioral economics, the intersection of psychology, economics, and public policy.

Kris Norman-Major, professor, director of Public Administration programs. BA 1987 Hamline University, MA 1990, University of Minnesota, PhD 1996, Vanderbilt University. Work Experience: state and local government and policy consulting. Research Interests: cultural competence, social equity, public policy and public administration.

Robert L. Routhieaux, associate professor. BS 1987, California State University, Chico. MS 1993, PhD 1995, University of Arizona. Work experience: restaurant and retail management, training and development, nonprofit and small business consulting / coaching. Research interests: organizational growth, change and sustainability in small business, health care, and nonprofits.

Jim Scheibel, professor of practice. BA 1969, St. John’s University (Minnesota); MPA 2014, University of Minnesota. Work experience: community organizer, elected official, Director of VISTA and the Senior Corps, nonprofit executive. Interests: poverty, homelessness and hunger, service and civic studies.

Chad Sponsler, senior lecturer. B. Acct. 2002, MBA 2003, University of North Dakota; JD 2008, Hamline University; CPA. Research interests: Certified Public Accountant exam performance variables, financing higher education, educational tax incentives.

Dan Toninato, instructor.  BS 1987, St. John’s University, MBA 2010, Finance, Augsburg College.

Nancy Webber, senior lecturer. BS 2002 and MBT 2004, University of Minnesota. Work experience: CPA with concentration in business taxation.