2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
    Feb 25, 2024  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]


Full-Time Undergraduate Faculty

For the academic year 2019-2020
Year following name is first year of appointment.
*Indicates part-time.


Hossein Akhavi-Pour, 1982-1988*, 1988
Professor, Hamline School of Business
BA 1969, Faculty of Law, University of Tehran
MA 1975, PhD 1980, Economics, Kansas State University

Peggy Andrews, 2011
Senior Lecturer, Hamline School of Business
BA 1989 Theology/Family & Consumer Science, Ambassador University
MA 1999, Human Development, St. Mary’s University
PhD 2010, Education & Human Development, University of Minnesota

Stephen Arnott, 2008
Associate Professor of Legal Studies
BA 1981, Political Science, University of Tasmania
JD 1994, William Mitchell College of Law

Jerry Artz, 1977
Professor of Physics
BS 1965, Electrical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
MS 1966, Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
PhD 1974, Physics, Florida State University

Erik Asp, 2015
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Director of Neuroscience Program
BA 2003, Biology and Psychology, St. Olaf College
PhD 2012, Neuroscience, University of Iowa

Aida Audeh, 2002
Professor of Art History and Chair of Studio Arts and Art History
BA 1985, Philosophy and Psychology, Cornell College
JD 1988, University of Iowa College of Law
MA 1995, PhD 2002, Art History, University of Iowa

Allison Baker, 2015
Assistant Professor of Art
BA 2012, Gender Studies, Indiana University
BFA 2012, Sculpture, Indiana University
MFA 2015, Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design

Letitia Basford, 2008
Associate Professor, Hamline School of Education
BA 1995, International Relations, University of Minnesota
MA 2000, Special Education, San Francisco State University
PhD 2008, Curriculum Instruction and Second Languages and Cultures, University of Minnesota

Andrea Bell, 1991
Professor and Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures
BA 1982, Foreign Languages and Literature: Spanish and German, Whitman College
MA 1984 and 1985, Spanish and Latin American Studies, Stanford University
PhD 1991, Spanish, Stanford University

Colleen Bell, 1990
Professor of Women’s Studies and Conflict Studies
Co-Director of Conflict Studies Program
Certificate in Dispute Resolution, 1998, Hamline University
BS 1975, Child Development, Iowa State University
MS 1979, Child and Family Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD 1986, Educational Policy Studies, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

Michelle Benegas, 2015
Assistant Professor, Hamline School of Education
BA 2000, Spanish, University of Saint Thomas
MA 2003, Education, Hamline University

David M. Berg, 2009
Associate Professor, Hamline School of Business
Director of MBA
BA 1981, Mathematics, St. Olaf College
MIBS 1984, International Business Studies, University of South Carolina
PhD 1998, Business Administration, University of Minnesota

Mark Berkson, 2000
Professor of Religion
BA 1987, Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
MA 1992, East Asian Studies, Stanford University
PhD 2000, Religious Studies, Stanford University

Katharine Bjork, 2002
Professor of History
BA 1985, English, University of California, Berkeley
MA 1989, PhD 1998, History, University of Chicago

Bruce Bolon, 2002
Professor of Physics
BS 1991, Physics, Southwest Missouri State University
MS 1994, Experimental Condensed Matter Physics, Iowa State University
PhD 2000, Theoretical Plasma Physics, University of Missouri-Columbia

Stacie Bosley, 2012
Kahlert Professor of Economics
Chair, Hamline School of Business
BBA 1994, Finance, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD 2001, Applied Economics, University of Minnesota

John Brandon, 2012
Associate Professor of Creative Writing
BA 1999, University of Florida
MFA 2001, Washington University

James Brickwedde, 1995-2011*, 2011
Assistant Professor, Hamline School of Education
BA 1977, Environmental Design and Planning, State Universities of New York-Buffalo
MSE 1993, Elementary Education, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
PhD 2011, Mathematics Education, University of Minnesota

Kathryn Burleson, 2009
Senior Lecturer of Biology
BA 1999, Biochemistry, College of St. Scholastica
PhD 2004, Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology, and Genetics, University of Minnesota

K. Valentine Cadieux, 2015
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Director of Environmental Studies and Sustainability Programs
AB 1998, Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges
MA 2001, PhD 2006, Geography and Planning, University of Toronto

Shannon Cannella, 2015
Lecturer of Chinese Studies
BA 1991, Chinese and Speech-Communication, University of Minnesota
MA 1997, PhD 2014, Modern Chinese Language and Literature, Columbia University

Jennifer Carlson, 2006
Associate Professor, Hamline School of Education
BS 1991, Winona State University
MS 1998, Minnesota State University, Mankato
PhD 2001, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Endalk Chala, 2019
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
BEd 2005, English Language Teaching Education, Dilla University, Ethiopia
MA 2006, Journalism and Communications, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia
PhD 2019, Media Studies, University of Oregon

Valerie Chepp, 2014
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Director of Social Justice Program
BA 2001, Sociology and Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin
MA 2004, Social Sciences, University of Chicago
MA 2009, PhD 2014, Sociology, University of Maryland

George Chu, 1979
Professor of Music
Choral Director
BA 1969, Romance Languages and Literature, Yale University
MM 1976, DM 1979, Choral Conducting, Indiana University

David Davies, 2002
Professor and Chair of Anthropology
BA 1991, Anthropology and East Asian Studies, Hamline University
MA 1997, PhD 2002, Anthropology, University of Washington

Kristina Deffenbacher, 1998
Professor of English
BA 1991, English, Carleton College
Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies 1998, University of Southern California
PhD 1998, English, University of Southern California

Veena Deo, 1991
Professor of English
BA 1969, English, Fergusson College
MA 1971, English, University of Poona
PhD 1989, English, University of Kentucky

Leila DeVriese, 2008
Professor and Chair of Global Studies
Director of Global Engagement Center
Director of Model United Nations program
MA 1996, Political Science, University of Toronto
PhD 2002, Political Science, Concordia University, Montreal

Dorothee Dietrich, 1990
Professor of Psychology
BA 1984, Psychology, California State University-Humboldt
MA 1987, PhD 1990, Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lifeng Dong, 2015
Professor and Chair of Physics
Emma K. and Carl R. N. Malmstrom Endowed Chair in Physics
BS 1993, Mechanical Engineering, Qingdao University of Science & Technology, Shandong, China
MS 1996, Materials Science & Technology, Qingdao University of Science & Technology, Shandong, China
MS 2002, PhD 2005, Physics, Portland State University

Laura Dougherty, 2018
Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts
BA 1997, Theatre Arts, Drew University
MFA 2003, PhD 2010, Theatre and Performance of the Americas, Arizona State University

Máel Embser-Herbert, 1995
Professor of Sociology
BA 1978, Sociology, The George Washington University
MA 1990, Sociology, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
PhD 1995, Sociology, University of Arizona
JD 2004, Hamline University

Jennifer England, 2016
Assistant Professor of English
BSJ 2009, Magazine Journalism, Ohio University
MA 2011, English, The University of Dayton
PhD 2016, Rhetoric and Professional Communication, New Mexico State University

Gina A. Erickson, 2013
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
BA 2002, Luther College
MA 2004, University of Iowa
PhD 2012, University of Minnesota

Michael Farris, 1987-1988*, 1988
Professor of Biology
BS 1978, Botany, Miami University
MS 1981, Botany, Ohio State University
PhD 1985, Biology, University of Colorado

Jeff Fink, 2009
Lecturer, Hamline School of Education
BS 1976, University of Minnesota
MA 1984, University of Saint Thomas

Jeannie Fox, 2015*
Professor of Practice, Hamline School of Business
Director, Nonprofit Management Program
BA 1988, South Dakota State University
M.Ed. 1993, University of North Texas

Kenneth Fox, 1996
Professor and Chair, Hamline School of Business
Co-Director, Conflict Studies Program
Senior Fellow, Dispute Resolution Institute
BA, 1979, University of California, Davis
JD, 1985, Lewis and Clark Law School 

Patricia Weaver Francisco, 1988-2011*, 2011
Professor of Practice, Creative Writing
BA 1973, University of Michigan

George Gaetano, 1999
Associate Professor and Chair of Communication Studies
BA 1977, Communication, Hunter College
MA 1979, PhD 1995, Speech-Communication, University of Minnesota

Kathryn Geurts, 2002
Professor of Global Studies
BA 1984, Sarah Lawrence College
MA 1991, PhD 1998, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania

Jodi Goldberg, 2003
Professor of Biology
BA 1989, Biology, Macalester College
PhD 1998, Immunology, Stanford University

Janet Greene, 1998
Professor of Music
BA 1978, Music, Smith College
MM 1982, Performance, Manhattan School of Music
DMA 1996, Performance, Rutgers University

Sarah Greenman, 2014
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
BA 2002, Psychology, Carleton College
MA 2010, PhD 2014, Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Maryland

Arthur Guetter, 1987
Professor and Chair of Mathematics
BA 1981, Mathematics, Macalester College
MA 1983, PhD 1987, Mathematics, Northwestern University

Joshua Gumiela, 2014
Assistant Professor and Chair of Digital Media Arts
BA 2003, Radio-Television, Southern Illinois University
MFA 2011, Media Arts, Southern Illinois University

Elizabeth Gunderson, 1980
Professor and Associate Dean, Hamline School of Business
BAS 1976, University of Minnesota
MBA 1981, College of St. Thomas
PhD 1991, Management, The Union Institute

Eric Hammer, 2018
Assistant Professor, Hamline School of Business
BS 2003, Pennsylvania State University
MA 2014, PhD 2018, George Mason University

Leondra Hanson, 2008
Associate Professor and Chair of Legal Studies
Director of Graduate Legal Education
BA 1995, Political Science, Concordia College
JD 1999, University of Minnesota

Leif Hembre, 2001
Professor of Biology
BA 1993, Biology, St. Olaf College
MS 1997, PhD 2001, Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, University of Minnesota

Sarah Hick, 2007
Associate Professor, Hamline School of Education
BA 1992, Political Science, Grinnell College
MES 1996, Ecosystem Science Management, Yale University
PhD 2008, Curriculum and Instruction in Science, University of Minnesota

Brian Hoffman, 2002
Associate Professor of Anthropology
BA 1983, Anthropology, Augsburg College
MA 1994, PhD 2002, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

David Hudson, 1989-1999*, 1999
Professor and Chair of English
BA 1979, English and Journalism, University of Minnesota
MA 1987, PhD 1994, English, University of Minnesota

Samuel Imbo, 1996
Professor and Chair of Philosophy
BA 1985, Philosophy and Linguistics, University of Nairobi
MA 1990, PhD 1995, Philosophy, Purdue University

Suda Ishida, 2002
Professor of Communication Studies
BA 1988, English, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
MA 1996, International Communication, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
PhD 2002, Mass Communication, University of Iowa

Bridget Jacques-Fricke, 2018
Assistant Professor of Biology
BA 1998, Biology and Psychology, University of Minnesota-Morris
PhD 2008, Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Susi Keefe, 2016
Assistant Professor of Biology
BA 1998, Mount Holyoke College
AM 2001, PhD 2010, Brown University

Stephen H. Kellert, 1994
Professor of Philosophy
BA 1985, Physics and Philosophy, Yale University
MA 1989, PhD 1990, Philosophy, Northwestern University

Kaori Kenmotsu, 2007
Senior Lecturer of Theatre Arts
BA 1993, Japanese and History, University of Minnesota
MFA 2002, Choreography and Performance, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Serena King, 2005
Professor of Psychology
BA 1998, University of Michigan, Dearborn
MA 2002, PhD 2005, University of Minnesota

Kim Koeppen, 2004
Professor, Hamline School of Education
BA 1984, Political Science, Iowa State University
MS 1991, Curriculum and Supervision, Northern Illinois University
PhD 1996, Curriculum, University of Iowa

Jeanne Kosieradzki, 1992-1996*, 1996
Professor of Legal studies
BS 1986, Paralegal Studies, Winona State University
JD 1991, William Mitchell College of Law

Marcela Kostihová, 2004
Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Professor of English
BA 1998, English and German, North Central College
PhD 2004, English Literature, University of Minnesota

Maria Jesus Leal, 2006
Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures
BA 1998, English, University of Valladolid, Spain
MA 1995, Hispanic Philology, University of Valladolid, Spain
PhD 2007, Comparative Hispanic and English Linguistics, University of Valladolid, Spain

Ryan LeCount, 2012
Assistant Professor and Chair of Sociology
BA 2003, Indiana University
MS 2006, PhD 2014, Purdue University

Jae Hawn Lee, 2015
Assistant Professor, Hamline School of Business
BA 2000, MA 2006, Seoul National University
MBA 2008, Brigham Young University
PhD 2015, Texas Tech University

J. Dan Lehmann, 2010
Senior Lecturer, Hamline School of Business
BS 1974, Agricultural Science, University of Illinois
MS 1975, Agricultural Economics, University of Illinois
PhD 1982, Finance, University of Illinois

Joe Lewis, 2006
Associate Professor, Hamline School of Education
BA 1989, Grinnell College
MA 1999, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
EdD 2006, Columbia University Teachers College

Bill Lindquist, 2008
Associate Professor and Chair, Hamline School of Education
BA 1976, Augsburg College
MA 1993, University of Saint Thomas
PhD 2001, University of Minnesota

John Lochner, 2016
Lecturer, Hamline School of Business
Director, MBA and MSBA Programs
BS 1980, Ohio State University
MA 1987, University of Texas-Dallas
MA 2009, Hamline University
DPA 2018, Hamline University

Curtis Lund, 2016
Assistant Professor, Digital Media Arts
BFA 2001, Graphic Design, Iowa State University College of Design
MFA 2015, Design, University of Minnesota College of Design

Rita Majerle, 2002
Associate Professor and Chair of Chemistry
BS 1978, Chemistry and Biology, University of Minnesota-Duluth
PhD 1989, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis       

Irina Makarevitch, 2007
Professor and Chair of Biology
Director of Exercise Science Program
BS 2000, Molecular Biology, Novosibirsk State University
MS 2002, PhD 2005, Agronomy and Plant Breeding/Plant Molecular Genetics, University of Minnesota

Kristin Mapel Bloomberg, 2001
Professor and Chair of Women’s Studies
Hamline University Endowed Chair in the Humanities
BA 1989, English and Philosophy, Hamline University
MA 1992, English, St. Cloud State University
PhD 1998, English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Betsy Martinez-Vaz, 2006
Professor of Biology
Co-Director of Biochemistry Program
BS 1995, Chemistry, Universidad del Turabo
PhD 2001, Biochemistry, University of Minnesota

Larry Masterson, 2012
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Co-Director of Biochemistry Program
BS 2003 (A.C.S. Certification), University of Wisconsin La Crosse
PhD 2008, Chemistry, University of Minnesota

John Matachek, 1984
Professor of Chemistry
BA 1979, Chemistry, University of Minnesota
PhD 1984, Inorganic Chemistry, Iowa State University      

John Mazis, 2000
Professor of History
BA 1989, MA 1993, PhD 1998, History, University of Minnesota

Anne M. McCarthy, 2011
Dean, Hamline School of Business
AB 1980, Economics, Georgetown University
MBA 1986, Accounting, University of Connecticut
PhD 1992, Strategic Management, Purdue University

Austin Miller, 2018
Assistant Professor, Hamline School of Business
BA 2010, MPP 2012, Brigham Young University
PhD 2018, Washington State University

Susan Thurston Myster, 1990-1996*, 1996
Professor of Anthropology
BA 1984, Anthropology, Hamline University
MA 1989, Bioarchaeology, University of Tennessee
PhD 2001, Forensic Anthropology, University of Tennessee

Paula Mullineaux, 2009
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director of Public Health Sciences Program
BA 1998, Psychology, Indiana University Southeast
MA 2003, PhD 2006, Psychology-Brain and Cognitive Sciences Program, Southern Illinois University

Rebecca Neal, 2015
Associate Professor, Hamline School of Education
BS 1993, Special Education, Hampton University
MEd 1994, Special Education, College of William and Mary
PhD 2014, Special Education, Arizona State University

Kris Norman-Major, 2002
Professor, Hamline School of Business
Director, Public Administration Programs
BA 1987, Political Science and Business, Hamline University
MA 1990, Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
PhD 1996, Political Science, Vanderbilt University

Sheila O’Connor, 2012
Professor of Creative Writing
BA 1982, English, University of Minnesota
MFA 1986, Poetry, Iowa Writers Workshop 

Deanna O’Donnell, 2011
Associate Professor of Chemistry
BS 2005, McMaster University
PhD 2010, University of Notre Dame

Alina Oxendine, 2005
Associate Professor of Political Science
BA and MA 1997, International Studies, Political Science, Emory University
PhD 2007, Political Science, University of Minnesota

Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, 2008
Professor and Chair of Political Science
BA 1998, International Relations, Middle East Technical University
MA 1999, Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame
PhD 2004, Political Science, Syracuse University

Robin Hornik Parritz, 1992
Professor and Chair of Psychology
BA 1983, Psychology, Brandeis University
PhD 1989, Clinical Psychology, University of Minnesota

Angela Pelster-Weibe, 2015
Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
BA 2008, Drama and English, University of Alberta
MFA 2012, Nonfiction Writing, University of Iowa

Joseph Peschek, 1987
Professor of Political Science
BA 1974, Political Science, University of Washington-Seattle
PhD 1984, Political Science, University of Massachusetts-Amherst      

Jillian Peterson, 2015
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
BA 2003, Sociology, Grinnell College
MA 2009, Social Ecology, University of California, Irvine
PhD 2012, Psychology and Social Behavior, University of California, Irvine

Bonnie Ploger, 1995
Professor of Biology
BA 1981, Biology, Mount Holyoke College
MS 1985, Zoology, University of Oklahoma
PhD 1992, Zoology, University of Florida

Sharon Preves, 2001
Professor of Sociology
BA 1991, Psychology and Sociology, Hamline University
PhD 1999, Sociology and Feminist Studies, University of Minnesota

Michael Reynolds, 2001
Professor of English
BA 1989, English, St. Lawrence University
PhD 2000, English, University of Southern California 

Jennifer Robb, 2016
Assistant Professor of Biology
BS 2011, Exercise Science, Minnesota State University, Mankato
MS 2013, Exercise Physiology, Minnesota State University, Mankato
PhD 2016, Kinesiology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Mary Rockcastle, 1991
Professor of Creative Writing
BA, Douglass College
MA 1980, University of Minnesota

Ioannis Roussos, 1990
Professor of Mathematics
BS 1977, Mathematics, University of Athens
MS 1982, PhD 1986, Mathematics, University of Minnesota

Robert L. Routhieaux, 2006
Associate Professor, Hamline School of Business
Faculty Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
BS 1987, Business Administration, California State University, Chico
MS 1993, Management and Policy, University of Arizona
PhD 1995, Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management, University of Arizona

Andrew Rundquist, 2000
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Professor of Physics
BA 1993, Physics, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University
MS 1995, PhD 1998, Physics, Washington State University

David Ryan, 2012
Associate Professor of Digital Media Arts
BA 1982, Communications and Theatre Arts, Taylor University
MFA 1987, Film, Ohio University

Shelly Schaefer, 2011
Associate Professor and Chair of Criminal Justice and Forensic Science
BA 2000, MA 2007, PhD 2011, Psychology, Sociology, University of Minnesota

Jim Scheibel, 2006*. 2014
Professor of Practice, Hamline School of Business
BA 1969, St. John’s University
MPA 2014, University of Minnesota

John-Mark T. Schlink, 2012
Senior Lecturer in Studio Arts
BA 1991, Studio Arts, Hamline University
MFA 2000, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nicholas Schlotter, 2002
Associate Professor of Chemistry
BA 1974, Chemistry, Carleton College
MS 1978, PhD 1979, Physics, Chemistry, Stanford University

David Schultz, 1999
Professor of Political Science
BA 1980, MA 1986, SUNY Binghamton Center
MA 1982, Rutgers University
PhD 1989, JD 1998, University of Minnesota
LLM 2002, University of London

Deb Sheffer, 2002
Assistant Professor, Hamline School of Education
BA 1977, Gustavus Adolphus College
MA 1998, EdD 2011, Hamline University

Jermaine Singleton, 2005
Professor of English
BA 1996, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
MA 1999, University of Illinois
PhD 2005, University of Minnesota

Chad Sponsler, 2009
Senior Lecturer, Hamline School of Business
BA 2002, MBA 2003, University of North Dakota
JD 2008, Hamline University 

Lisa Stegall, 2012
Associate Professor of Biology
BA 1997, English, North Carolina State University
MS 2006, Exercise Science, The George Washington University
PhD 2010, Exercise Physiology, The University of Texas at Austin

Susie Steinbach, 1996
Professor of History
AB 1988, History and Literature, Harvard University
MA 1990, MPhil 1992, PhD 1996, History, Yale University

Maggie Struck, 2016
Assistant Professor, Hamline School of Education
BA 2000, Social Justice and Peace Studies, University of St. Thomas
MA 2012, PhD Candidate, Curriculum and Instruction and Literacy Education, University of Minnesota

Ken Takata, 2006
Associate Professor of Mathematics
BA, American Studies, Yale University
PhD, Mathematics, University of Illinois-Chicago

Kathy Thomsen, 1988-1996*, 1996
Professor of Music
License in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Longy School of Music, 2003
BA 1976, Music, Hamline University
MM 1980, Piano Performance, University of Michigan
DMA 2000, Piano Performance, University of Minnesota

Rachel Tofteland-Trampe, 2018
Assistant Professor of English
BA 2007, Communication Studies and Sociology, Concordia College-Moorhead
MA 2009, Communication Studies, New Mexico State University
PhD 2017, Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Dan Toninato, 2015
Instructor, Hamline School of Business
BS 1987, St. John’s University
MBA 2010, Finance, Augsburg College

Julius (Jeff) Turner, 2002
Professor of Theatre Arts
BA 1984, English, Centre College
MA 1986, Theatre: Critical Studies, University of California-Los Angeles
MA 1991, Educational Counseling, Appalachian State University
PhD 2000, Theatre Studies, University of Colorado

Katrina Vandenberg, 2013
Associate Professor of Creative Writing
BFA 1992, French and Creative Writing, Bowling Green State University
MFA 1997, Poetry, University of Arkansas

William Wallace, 1986
Professor and Chair of Theatre Arts
Designer and Technical Director of Theatre
BA 1972, Speech/Theatre and English, Concordia College, Illinois
MFA 1981, Design and Technical Theatre, University of Minnesota

Nancy Webber, 2008
Senior Lecturer, Hamline School of Business
BS 2002, Accounting, University of Minnesota
MBT 2004, University of Minnesota

Jennifer Will, 2018 
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies 
BA 1990, Hope College 
JD 1994, University of Michigan Law School

Andrew Wykes, 2001
Professor of Studio Arts
Surrey Diploma in Foundation Art and Design 1979, Richmond upon Thames College, London
BFA 1982, Painting, Epson School of Art and Design, University of London
MFA 1997, Painting, American University

Yali You, 1996
Professor and Chair of Music
BA 1984, Cello Performance, Shanghai Conservatory of Music
MM 1987, Cello Performance, Cello Performance Certificate, 1988, Northwestern University
DMA 1996, Cello Performance, University of Cincinnati

Zhenqing Zhang, 2012
Associate Professor of Political Science
BA 1998, English/Diplomacy, Foreign Affairs College, Beijing China
MA 2001, International Studies, Foreign Affairs College, Beijing China
PhD 2011, Political Science, University of Minnesota

Nurith Zmora, 1993
Professor and Chair of History
BA 1974, History and International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
MA 1983, History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
MA 1985, History, Johns Hopkins University
PhD 1990, American History, Johns Hopkins University

Professors Emeriti

Rees Allison, 1970-2013
Professor Emeritus of Music
LRAM 1963, GRSM 1964, Recital Diploma
1965, Royal Academy of Music, London
MM 1978, Washington University, St. Louis
PhD 1970, Washington University, St. Louis

Gary Anderson, 1958-1997
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
BA 1956, Concordia College
MA 1958, University of Nebraska

George Appel, 1966-1989
Associate Professor Emeritus of English
BS 1951, Northwestern University
MA 1960, PhD 1973, University of Minnesota

Walter Benjamin, 1966-1994
Professor Emeritus of Religion
BA 1950, Hamline University
BD 1953, Garrett Theological Seminary
PhD 1957, Duke University

Walter Blue, 1971-2008
Professor Emeritus of French
BA 1963, Muhlenberg College
MA 1965, Rice University
PhD 1975, Yale University

Mary Bochnak, 1990-2013
Professor Emeritus of Accounting
BS 1972, University of Minnesota
MBA 1976, University of Minnesota
PhD 1982, University of Minnesota

Duane Cady, 1974-2011
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
BA 1968, Hamline University
MA 1970, PhD 1971, Brown University

Russell Christensen, 1987-2013
Professor Emeritus of German
BA 1966, Carleton College
MA 1969, PhD 1988, University of Minnesota

Diane Clayton, 1978-2013
Professor Emeritus
Co-Director, Bush Library
BA 1973, Macalester College
MA, MALS 1978, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Cynthia Cone, 1973-2002
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
BA 1956, MA 1971, PhD 1976, University of Minnesota

Verna Corgan, 1989-2017
Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies
BA 1984, University of Minnesota
MA 1986, University of Minnesota
PhD 1992, University of Minnesota

Clifford Creswell, 1962-1999
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry       
BS 1958, Franklin and Marshall College
PhD 1962, Northwestern University

F. Garvin Davenport, 1966-2006
Professor Emeritus of English
BA 1961, Grinnell College
MA 1963, PhD 1967, University of Minnesota

Verne Dusenbery, 1992-2017
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
AB 1973, Stanford University
AM 1975, University of Chicago
PhD 1989, University of Chicago

Mary Gotz, 1976-1995
Professor Emeritus of Education
BA 1958, College of St. Catherine
MA 1964, Notre Dame University

Jerry Greiner, 1975-2004
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
BA 1971, Aquinas College
MA 1973, PhD 1974, University of Cincinnati

Robert Kim Guenther, 1977-2013
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
BA 1970, University of Illinois
MA 1973, San Diego State University
PhD 1977, University of California-Santa Barbara

James Hagen, 2008-2018
Professor Emeritus of Business
AB 1974, University of Michigan
MS 1988, University of Minnesota
PhD 1997, University of Illinois

John Harrigan, 1969-1999
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
BS 1961, Loyola University
MA 1962, University of Chicago
PhD 1970, Georgetown University

Nancy Holland, 1981-2017
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
BA 1969, Stanford University
PhD 1981, University of California-Berkeley

Donovan Hull, 1969-1996
Professor Emeritus of Religion
BA 1952, University of Kansas
BD 1955, STD 1970, Garrett Theological Seminary

Margaret Jensen, 1979-2013
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Honors BA 1971, McMaster University
MA 1974, McMaster University
PhD 1980, McMaster University

Paul Jessup, 1988-2008
Professor Emeritus of Management and Economics
BA 1963, MA 1983, University of Oxford
AM 1963, Harvard University
BS 1960, PhD 1966, Northwestern University

Steven Jongewaard, 1975-2012
Professor Emeritus of Education
BA 1969, University of Minnesota-Duluth
MEd 1971, PhD 1981, University of Minnesota

Richard C. Kagan, 1973-2005
Professor Emeritus of History
BA 1960, MA 1963, University of California-Berkeley
PhD 1969, University of Pennsylvania

Deborah Keenan, 1988-1995*, 1995-2017
Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing
BA 1974, Macalester College

Carol Kelly, 1973-1996
Professor Emeritus of Music
BM 1958, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
MM 1960, Indiana University

Martin Knight, 1973-2014
Professor Emeritus of Physical Education
BS 1969, MA 1972, PhD 1988, University of Minnesota

Jerry Krause, 1999-2015
Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice
BS 1978, Mankato State University
JD 1984, University of Wisconsin Law School

Leonardo Lasansky, 1972-2013
Professor Emeritus of Studio Arts & Art History
BGS 1971, MA 1972, MFA 1972, University of Iowa 

Carolyn Levy, 1994-1999*, 1999-2017
Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts
AB 1973, Cornell University
MFA 1976, University of Wisconsin-Madison

James Lynskey, 1965-1987
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
BS 1956, University of Maryland
MA 1960, PhD 1966, University of Minnesota

Ann Mabbott, 1995-2018
Professor Emeritus of Education
BA 1973, College of Wooster
MA 1974, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD 1995, University of Minnesota

Martin Markowitz, 1973-2013
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
BA 1967, Hofstra University
MA 1970, PhD 1972, State University of New York-Stony Brook

Presley Martin, 1996-2016
Professor Emeritus of Biology
BS 1971, Indiana University
PhD 1978, Johns Hopkins University

Lewis Messenger, Jr., 1984-1988*, 1988-2018
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
BA 1971, Hiram College
MA 1975, Universidad De Las Americas
PhD 1984, University of Minnesota

Navid Mohseni, 1989-2017
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
BS 1978, Tehran Business College
MA 1981, PhD 1990, University of Kentucky

Charles (Dick) Moyer, 1958-1994
Professor Emeritus of English
MA 1951, University of Chicago
PhD 1959, University of Kansas

Richard Mulkern, 1962-1989
Professor Emeritus of Physical Education
BS 1948, MA 1949, University of Minnesota

Nadine Myers, 1979-1989*, 1990-2005
Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
BS 1967, Bemidji State University
MS 1969, PhD 1971, University of Iowa 

Barbara H. O’Connell, 1980-2011
Professor Emeritus of Anthropology       
BA 1969, University of Michigan
PhD 1983, Northwestern University

Faith O’Reilly, 1989-2008
Professor Emeritus of Legal Studies
BS 1974, Western Carolina University
JD 1982, Drake University Law School

Rodney Olsen, 1962-1999
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry       
BA 1958, University of Minnesota-Duluth
MS 1960, PhD 1962, Iowa State University

Matthew Olson, 1977-2018
Professor of Psychology
BA 1973, University of California-Davis
PhD 1977, University of Michigan

Patricia Palmerton, 1985-2017
Professor Emeritus of Communication Studies
BA 1972, Macalester College
MA 1979, University of Minnesota
PhD 1984, University of Minnesota

Richard Pontinen, 1959-1961*, 1961-2000
Professor Emeritus of Physics
BS 1955, Hamline University
PhD 1962, University of Minnesota 

George Redman, 1976-2012
Professor Emeritus of Education
BA 1963, Hamline University
MA 1965, PhD 1975, University of Minnesota

Tamara Goldstein Root, 1970-2006
Professor Emeritus of French
BA 1963, University of Toronto
MA 1966, PhD 1970, University of Illinois

Olaf Runquist, 1957-1999
Professor Emeritus of Chemistry       
BS 1952, Iowa State University
PhD 1956, University of Minnesota

Larry Sutin, 1993-2013
Professor Emeritus of Creative Writing
BA, University of Michigan
JD, Harvard University

Karen Vogel, 1989-2016
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
BA 1980, Pitzer College
MA 1982, PhD 1986, University of Oregon

Barbara Younoszai, 1964-1965*, 1965-2013
Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Latin American Studies
BA 1955, MA 1962, University of California-Berkeley
PhD 1971, University of Minnesota