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    May 24, 2024  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

Tuition and Fees

Student Accounts Office
113E East Hall

Complete tuition and fee information is provided at

On Campus Tuition and Fees
Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion Tuition and Fees
Room and Board
  Payment Options
Withdrawal Charges
Late Registration
Late Payment Penalty

On Campus Programs

Tuition Rates 2019-2020

Full-Time Students, fall and spring
(12-18 credits per semester)
Per year   $ 41,734
Per semester   $ 20,867

Part-Time Students, fall and spring
(less than 12 credits per semester)

Per credit   $ 1,304
Audit charge per course   $ 250

Winter Term
Per credit   $ 652

Students who register for more than 18 credits in fall or spring will be charged the fall or spring per-credit rate for each additional credit. For specific details, see:

Yearly Fees 2019-2020

New Student Fee   $ 185.00
MPIRG (waivable)   $ 16.50
Student Activity Fee (estimated)   $ 346.00
Facilities Fee   $ 124.00
Health Services Fee   $ 244.00
Technology Fee   $ 326.00
Book Rental Fee, Fall and Spring (estimated)   $ 690.00
Book Rental Fee, Winter Term (estimated)   $ 65.00
International Student Fee   $ 320.00
Mandatory Commuter Declining Balance   $ 200.00
Health and Accident Insurance* (estimated)   $ 2400.00

*Note: All students are required to have health and accident insurance and will be charged for Hamline insurance coverage. Students who have their own insurance will have the opportunity to go online and waive this insurance fee. If students do not submit an online waiver request, they will be enrolled in the school policy and will be responsible for the cost of that coverage. Hamline does not carry insurance on the personal property of faculty, students, or staff and is not responsible for the loss or damage of such property.

Online Bachelor’s Degree Completion Programs

Tuition and Fee Rates 2019-2020

Tuition (per credit)   $ 525.00
New student Fee   $ 50.00
MPIRG (waivable)   $ 16.50
Technology Fee (per credit)   $ 11.00
Online Support Fee (per credit)   $ 9.00
Book Fees   $ variable
Course Materials Fee (as applicable)   $ variable

Room and Board 2019-2020

Single:   $6,220
Double, Triple, Quad:   $5,150

Returning students are charged a cancellation fee if, during spring room selection, they reserve a room for the subsequent year and cancel that reservation after May 1, but prior to occupancy. Damage to a room or its furnishings, beyond ordinary wear and tear, will be charged to the student.

Meal Plans    
Residence Hall Meal Plan:   $5,442
75 Block Meal Plan*:   $4,025

*The 75 Block Meal Plan is available to third year, fourth year and graduate students only.

For other meal plan options, contact Residential Life. Students living in residence halls are required to have a meal plan through Dining Services.

Payment Options

Prior to the start of each term an E-bill showing charges and estimated financial aid is prepared for each student by the student accounts office. Hamline students may select one of the following payment options:

  1. Semester payment plan-fall term due August 15 and spring term due January 15 as billed; or
  2. Installment plan-tuition, fees, room and board are paid in monthly payments through Nelnet/Tuition Management Systems for an annual fee.

Withdrawal Charges

For students who officially withdraw from the university during a term, the amount of tuition owed is calculated from the date on record of their withdrawal or leave, not from the date the student ceases to attend classes. Students who officially withdraw from classes before the end of the 10th day of class will not be responsible for any tuition charges. After that date, the amount of tuition owed will be calculated daily on an increasing scale based on the percentage of days in the term before the withdrawal date. Students who withdraw after 60 percent of the term has passed will be responsible for all tuition charges.

The same schedule is used to calculate the amount of tuition owed when a student drops from full-time to part-time or from overload to full-time.

Financial aid will be canceled or prorated as required by the programs. See the financial aid instruction guide for details.

Student fees and mandatory commuter declining balance assessed by the university or the Student Congress are not refundable.

Any discounts applied will be removed and not pro-rated in the withdrawal calculation.

Late Registration

It is important that students register during the stated registration periods. Students who fail to complete registration changes (add, drop, and withdraw) by the published deadlines will be charged a $50 late registration fee.

Late Payment Policy

Late payment penalties are imposed thirty days after the start of fall and spring semesters. For account balances of $1000 or more, a late payment fee of 5% (up to $500) will be assessed.