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2006-2008 College of Liberal Arts Bulletin 
2006-2008 College of Liberal Arts Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

College of Liberal Arts Bulletin

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University Mission


To create a diverse and collaborative community of learners dedicated to the development of students’ knowledge, values and skills for successful lives of leadership, scholarship and service.

Core Values


Hamline University recognizes its pioneering spirit and roots in the inclusive traditions and values of the United Methodist Church. The following emerge as our main core values:

  • High quality, rigorous academics
  • Commitment to making the world a better place
  • Focus on ethics and civility

University Vision


Hamline University-the nation’s leading New American University. Integration. Innovation. Transformation.

Mission of the College of Liberal Arts


The College of Liberal Arts at Hamline University is dedicated to preparing compassionate citizens of the world by helping students maximize their intellectual, creative, and leadership potential.

To do this, we offer students a distinctive learning environment with personal attention and opportunities for integrated, collaborative, and innovative learning experiences, in an ethical and diverse community.

We are teachers, learners, and scholars committed to using the liberal arts and sciences to solve problems, advance knowledge, and forge connections among disciplines, to the world of work, and to the community.

This Bulletin details the ways in which our curriculum-the Hamline Plan-speaks directly to our mission of establishing applicable and meaningful connections between a college education and the world.

Over the years, new discoveries, new knowledge, and new facilities have all played their roles in helping the College of Liberal Arts prepare generations of leaders and responsible citizens. Our mission, however, has remained constant-connecting what we believe and what we know to what we do, in order to increase justice, opportunity, and freedom for all people everywhere.

College of Liberal Arts Academic Calendar 2006-2008


Note: The academic calendar is subject to change.
Please check www.hamline.edu/academiccalendar for the latest information.

    Academic Year 2006-2007   Academic Year 2007-2008

Fall Term   2006   2007
Fall term classes begin   Wednesday, September 6   Wednesday, September 5
Thanksgiving break   Thursday & Friday, November 23-24   Thursday & Friday, November 22-23
Fall term classes end   Friday, December 15   Friday, December 14
Fall term final exams end   Thursday, December 21   Thursday, December 20

Winter Term   2007   2008
New Year’s university holiday   Monday, January 1   Tuesday, January 1
Winter term classes begin   Tuesday, January 2   Wednesday, January 2
Martin Luther King Jr. holiday   Monday, January 15   Monday, January 21
Winter term classes end   Thursday, January 25   Thursday, January 24

Spring Term   2007   2008
Spring term classes begin   Wednesday, January 31   Wednesday, January 30
Spring break   Monday, March 19-Friday, March 23   Monday, March 17-Friday, March 21
Good Friday holiday   Friday, April 6   Friday, March 21
Spring term classes end   Friday, May 11   Friday, May 9
Spring term final exams end   Thursday, May 17   Thursday, May 15
Commencement   Saturday, May 19   Saturday, May 17

Summer Term   2007   2008
Summer I classes begin   Monday, June 4   Monday, June 2
Summer I classes end   Thursday, June 28   Thursday, June 26
Summer II classes begin   Monday, July 9   Monday, July 7
Summer II classes end   Thursday, August 2   Thursday, July 31
Summer III classes begin   Monday, June 4   Monday, June 2
Fourth of July holiday   Wednesday, July 4   Friday, July 4
Summer III classes end   Friday, August 10   Friday, August 8


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