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2006-2008 College of Liberal Arts Bulletin 
2006-2008 College of Liberal Arts Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

Faculty and Administration

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Liberal Arts Full-Time Faculty


For the academic year 2005-2006
Year following name is first year of appointment.
*Indicates part-time

Hossein Akhavi-Pour, 1982-1988*, 1988
  Professor of Management and Economics
  BA 1969, University of Tehran
  MA 1975, PhD 1980, Kansas State University
Erika Alin, 1992
  Professor of Political Science
  Certificate, International Development Studies 1983
  BA 1986, State University of New York-Stony Brook
  PhD 1990, The American University, School of International Service
Rees Allison, 1970
  Professor of Music
  LRAM 1963, GRSM 1964, Recital Diploma
  1965, Royal Academy of Music, London
  M Music 1978, PhD 1970, Washington University, St. Louis
Thomas Anderson, 2005
  Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  BA 1994, Rice University
  PhD 2001, Stanford University
Jerry Artz, 1977
  Professor of Physics
  BS 1965, University of Cincinnati
  MS 1966, Stanford University
  PhD 1974, Florida State University
Aida Audeh, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Studio Arts & Art History
  BA 1985, Cornell College
  JD 1988, University of Iowa College of Law
  MA 1995, PhD 2002, University of Iowa
Fahima Aziz, 1994*, 1995
  Associate Professor of Management and Economics
  Chair of Environmental Studies Program
  Alkire Endowed Chair
  BA 1979, Mount Holyoke College
  MS 1984, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  PhD 1994, University of Minnesota
Andrea Bell, 1991
  Professor of Modern Languages
  BA, 1982, Whitman College
  MA 1984 and 1985, PhD 1991, Stanford University
Colleen Bell, 1990
  Professor of Women’s Studies and Conflict Studies
  BS 1975, Iowa State University
  MS 1979, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  PhD 1986, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Mark Berkson, 2000
  Associate Professor of Religion
  BA 1987, Princeton University
  MA 1992, PhD 2000 Stanford University
Daniel Besemann, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  BA 1996, Saint John’s University
  PhD 2003, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Katharine Bjork, 2002
  Assistant Professor of History
  BA 1985, University of California, Berkeley
  MA 1989, PhD 1998, University of Chicago
Walter Blue, 1971
  Professor of French
  BA 1963, Muhlenberg College
  MA 1965, Rice University
  PhD 1975, Yale University
Mary Bochnak, 1990
  Professor of Management and Economics
  BS 1972, MBA 1976, PhD 1982, University of Minnesota
Bruce Bolon, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Physics
  BS 1991, Southwest Missouri State University
  MS 1994, Iowa State University
  PhD 2000, University of Missouri-Columbia
Duane L. Cady, 1974
  Professor of Philosophy
  BA 1968, Hamline University
  MA 1970, PhD 1971, Brown University
Russell Christensen, 1987
  Professor of German
  BA 1966, Carleton College
  MA 1969, PhD 1988, University of Minnesota
Chen Pao Chou, 2005
  Instructor of Political Science
  BA 1981, Chinese Culture University
  MA 1996, University of Pittsburgh
George Chu, 1979
  Professor of Music
  Choral Director
  BA 1969, Yale University
  MM 1976, DM 1979, Indiana University
Diane Clayton, 1978
  Co-Director, Bush Library
  BA 1973, Macalester College
  MA, MALS 1978, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Verna Corgan, 1989
  Associate Professor of Communication Studies
  BA 1984, MA 1986, PhD 1992, University of Minnesota
F. Garvin Davenport, 1966
  Professor of English
  Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the College
  BA 1961, Grinnell College
  MA 1963, PhD 1967, University of Minnesota
David Davies, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  BA 1991, Hamline University
  MA 1997, PhD 2002, University of Washington
Kristina K. Deffenbacher, 1999
  Associate Professor of English
  Co-Director of Writing Program
  BA 1991, Carleton College
  MA 1994, PhD 1998, Gender Studies Certificate 1998, University of Southern California
Veena Deo, 1991
  Professor of English
  BA 1969, Fergusson College
  MA 1971, University of Poona
  PhD 1989, University of Kentucky
Nancy Desmond, 1998
  Associate Professor of Education
  Sanders Endowed Chair
  BS 1977, University of Oregon
  BS 1985, University of Minnesota
  MS 1990, Mankato State University
  PhD 1997, University of Minnesota
Dorothee Dietrich, 1991
  Professor of Psychology
  BA 1984, California State University-Humboldt
  MA 1987, PhD 1990, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Verne A. Dusenbery, 1992
  Professor of Anthropology
  Chair of Global Studies Program
  AB 1973, Stanford University
  AM 1975, PhD 1989, University of Chicago
Melissa S. Embser-Herbert, 1995
  Associate Professor of Sociology
  BA 1978, The George Washington University
  MA 1990 University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  PhD 1995, University of Arizona
Michael Farris, 1987-88*, 1988
  Associate Professor of Biology
  BS 1978, Miami University
  MS 1981, Ohio State University
  PhD 1985, University of Colorado
George M. Gaetano, 1994*, 1999
  Associate Professor of Communication Studies
  BA 1977, MA 1979, PhD 1995, University of Minnesota
Kathryn Geurts, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  BA 1984, Sarah Lawrence College
  MA 1991, PhD 1998, University of Pennsylvania
Jodi Goldberg, 2003
  Assistant Professor of Biology
  BA 1989, Macalester College
  PhD 1998, Stanford University
Janet Greene, 1998
  Associate Professor of Music
  BA 1978, Smith College
  MM 1982, Manhattan School of Music
  DMA 1996, Rutgers University
Robert Kim Guenther, 1977
  Professor of Psychology
  BA 1970, University of Illinois
  MA 1973, San Diego State University
  PhD 1977, University of California-Santa Barbara
Arthur Guetter, 1987
  Professor of Mathematics
  BA 1981, Macalester College
  MA 1983, PhD 1987, Northwestern University
Elizabeth Gunderson, 1980
  Professor of Management and Economics
  BAS 1976, University of Minnesota
  MBA 1981, College of St. Thomas
  PhD 1991, The Union Institute
Leif Hembre, 2001
  Assistant Professor of Biology
  BA 1993, St. Olaf College
  MS 1997, PhD 2001, University of Minnesota
Theodore Hodapp, 1988
  Professor of Physics
  BS 1981, PhD 1988, University of Minnesota
Brian Hoffman, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Anthropology
  BA 1983, Augsburg College
  MA 1994, PhD 2002, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Nancy Holland, 1981
  Professor of Philosophy
  BA 1969, Stanford University
  PhD 1981, University of California-Berkeley
David Hudson, 1989*, 1999
  Associate Professor of English
  BA 1979, MA 1987, PhD 1994, University of Minnesota
Samuel Oluoch Imbo, 1996
  Associate Professor of Philosophy
  Hanna Endowed Chair
  BA 1985, University of Nairobi
  MA 1990, PhD 1995, Purdue University
Suda Ishida, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
  Chair of Certificate in International Journalism Program
  BA 1988, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
  MA 1996, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
  PhD 2002, University of Iowa
Margaret Jensen, 1979
  Professor of Sociology
  Honors BA 1971, MA 1974, PhD 1980, McMaster University
Paul Jessup, 1988
  Professor of Management and Economics
  William Kahlert Endowed Chair
  BA 1963, MA 1983, University of Oxford
  AM 1963, Harvard University
  BS 1960, PhD 1966, Northwestern University
Rita Johnson, 1991*, 1996
  Assistant Professor of Management and Economics
  BS 1967, College of St. Catherine
  MA 1988, Metropolitan State University
Steven Jongewaard, 1975
  Professor of Education
  BA 1969, University of Minnesota-Duluth
  MEd 1971, PhD 1981, University of Minnesota
Jennifer Keil, 2000
  Associate Professor of Management and Economics
  BBA 1986, University of Michigan
  MBA 1992, PhD 1999, University of Kansas
Stephen H. Kellert, 1994
  Professor of Philosophy
  BA 1985, Yale College
  MA 1989, PhD 1990, Northwestern University
Serena King, 2005
  Assistant Professor of Psychology
  BA 1998, University of Michigan, Dearborn
  MA 2002, PhD 2005, University of Minnesota
Martin Knight, 1973
  Professor of Physical Education
  BS 1969, MA 1972, PhD 1988, University of Minnesota
Kim Koeppen, 2004
  Associate Professor of Education
  BA 1984, Iowa State University
  MS 1991, Northern Illinois University
  PhD 1996, University of Iowa
Wojciech Komornicki, 1977
  Professor of Mathematics
  BA 1971, University of Chicago
  PhD 1977, University of Illinois-Chicago Circle
Jeanne Kosieradzki, 1992*, 1996
  Associate Professor of Legal Studies
  Chair of Paralegal Studies Program
  BS 1986, Winona State University
  JD 1991, William Mitchell College of Law
Marcela Kostihová, 2004
  Assistant Professor of English
  BA 1998, North Central College
  PhD 2004, University of Minnesota
Jerry Krause, 1999
  Associate Professor
  Chair of Criminal Justice
  BS 1978, Minnesota State University, Mankato
  JD 1984, University of Wisconsin Law School
Charles LaBounty, 1972
  Professor of Psychology
  BA Ed 1963, MS 1966, Eastern Washington State College
  PhD 1971, University of California-San Diego
Leonardo Lasansky, 1972
  Professor of Studio Arts & Art History
  BGS 1971, MA 1972, MFA 1972, University of Iowa
Carolyn Levy, 1995*, 1999
  Associate Professor of Theatre
  AB 1973, Cornell University
  MFA 1976, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Rita Majerle, 2002
  Associate Professor of Chemistry
  BS 1978, University of Minnesota-Duluth
  PhD 1989, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
Kristin Mapel-Bloomberg, 2001
  Associate Professor
  Chair of the Women’s Studies Program
  Humanities Endowed Chair
  BA 1989, Hamline University
  MA 1992, St. Cloud State University
  PhD 1998, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Martin Markowitz, 1973
  Professor of Sociology
  BA 1967, Hofstra University
  MA 1970, PhD 1972, State University of New York-Stony Brook
Presley Martin, 1996
  Professor of Biology
  BS 1971, Indiana University
  PhD 1978, Johns Hopkins University
Theresa Mason, 1996
  Assistant Professor of Religion
  University Chaplain
  BS 1972, Southern Oregon College
  MDiv 1980, DMN 1982, Claremont School of Theology
  PhD 1995, University of Oregon
John Matachek, 1984
  Professor of Chemistry
  BA 1979, University of Minnesota
  PhD 1984, Iowa State University
John Mazis, 2001
  Assistant Professor of History
  BA 1989, MA 1993, PhD 1998, University of Minnesota
Katherine McLane, 1988*, 1996
  Associate Professor of Music
  BA 1976, Hamline University
  MA 1980, University of Michigan
  DMA 2000, University of Minnesota
Lewis C. Messenger, Jr., 1984-1988*, 1988
  Professor of Anthropology
  BA 1971, Hiram College
  MA 1975, Universidad De Las Americas
  PhD 1984, University of Minnesota
Navid Mohseni, 1989
  Professor of Sociology
  BS 1978, Tehran Business College
  MA 1981, PhD 1990, University of Kentucky
Alice Moorhead, 1985
  Associate Professor of English
  BA 1972, Michigan State University
  MA 1974, University of Chicago
  DA 1984, University of Michigan
Susan Thurston Myster, 1990*, 1996
  Associate Professor of Anthropology
  Forensic Sciences Director
  BA 1984, Hamline University
  MA 1989, University of Tennessee
  PhD 2001, University of Tennessee
Barbara H. O’Connell, 1980
  Professor of Anthropology
  BA 1969, University of Michigan
  PhD 1983, Northwestern University
Faith O’Reilly, 1989
  Professor of Legal Studies
  BS 1974, Western Carolina University
  JD 1982, Drake University Law School
Mark A. Olson, 1994*, 1997
  Associate Professor of English
  BA 1977, University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse
  MA 1981, University of Minnesota
  PhD 1999, University of Minnesota
Matthew Olson, 1977
  Professor of Psychology
  BA 1973, University of California-Davis
  PhD 1977, University of Michigan
Alina Oxendine, 2005
  Instructor of Political Science
  BA and MA 1997, Emory University
Patricia Palmerton, 1985
  Professor of Communication Studies
  BA 1972, Macalester College
  MA 1979, PhD 1984, University of Minnesota
Robin Hornik Parritz, 1992
  Professor of Psychology
  BA 1983, Brandeis University
  PhD 1989, University of Minnesota
Joseph Peschek, 1987
  Professor of Political Science
  BA 1974, University of Washington-Seattle
  PhD 1984, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Bonnie Ploger, 1995
  Associate Professor of Biology
  BA 1981, Mount Holyoke College
  MS 1985, University of Oklahoma
  PhD 1992, University of Florida
Timothy Polk, 1982
  Professor of Religion
  BA 1968, Wesleyan University
  MEd 1971, Temple University
  MDiv 1974, Yale Divinity School
  PhD 1982, Yale University
Sharon Preves, 2001
  Assistant Professor of Sociology
  BA 1991, Hamline University
  PhD 1999, University of Minnesota
George Redman, 1976
  Professor of Education
  BA 1963, Hamline University
  MA 1965, PhD 1975, University of Minnesota
Michael Reynolds, 2001
  Assistant Professor of English
  BA 1989, St. Lawrence University
  PhD 2000, University of Southern California
Tamara Goldstein Root, 1970
  Professor of French
  BA 1963, University of Toronto
  MA 1966, PhD 1970, University of Illinois
Ioannis Roussos, 1990
  Professor of Mathematics
  BS 1977, University of Athens
  MS 1982, PhD 1986, University of Minnesota
Andrew Rundquist, 2000
  Assistant Professor of Physics
  BA 1993, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University
  MS 1995, PhD 1998, Washington State University
Nicholas Schlotter, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  BA 1974, Carleton College
  MS 1978, PhD 1979, Stanford University
Earl Schwartz, 1993*
  Assistant Professor
  Chair of Social Justice Program
  BA 1975, BS 1977, University of Minnesota
Margaret Sheng, 2003
  Assistant Professor of Management and Economics
  BS 1986, Catholic Providence University, Taiwan
  MA 1996, PhD 2001, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Alan J. Silva, 1995-2000, 2002
  Associate Professor of English
  Associate Dean of the College
  BA 1985, California State University-Fresno
  MA 1988, PhD 1993, University of California-Davis
Jermaine Singleton, 2005
  Assistant Professor of English
  BA 1996, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign
  MA 1999, University of Illinois
  PhD 2005, University of Minnesota
Susie Steinbach, 1996
  Associate Professor of History
  AB 1988, Harvard University
  MA 1990, MPhil 1992, PhD 1996, Yale University
Jean Strait, 2004
  Assistant Professor of Education
  BS 1987, University of Pittsburgh
  MS 1991, Moorhead State University
  PhD 1995, University of Minnesota
Sonali Tamhankar, 2005
  Assistant Professor of Physics
  BS 1994, MS 1996, Indian Institute of Technology
  MS 1997, PhD 2002, Indiana University
Deanna Thompson, 1996
  Associate Professor of Religion
  BA 1989, St. Olaf
  PhD 1998, Yale University
Alzada J. Tipton, 1994
  Associate Professor of English
  Associate Dean of the College
  BA 1987, Johns Hopkins University
  MA 1989, PhD 1994 Duke University
Julius (Jeff) Turner, 2002
  Assistant Professor of Theatre
  BA 1984, Centre College
  MA 1986, University of California-Los Angeles
  MA 1991, Appalachian State University
  PhD 2000, University of Colorado
Karen Vogel, 1989
  Professor of Political Science
  BA 1980, Pitzer College
  MA 1982, PhD 1986, University of Oregon
William Wallace, 1986
  Associate Professor of Theatre
  Designer and Technical Director of Theatre
  BA 1972, Concordia College, Illinois
  MFA 1981, University of Minnesota
Dwight Watson, 1996
  Associate Professor of Education
  AA 1982, BA 1983, MA 1985, University of South Carolina
  EdD 1994, North Carolina State
Andrew Wykes, 2001
  Assistant Professor of Studio Arts & Art History
  Surrey Diploma in Foundation Art and Design 1978, 79,
  Richmond upon Thames College, London
  BFA 1982, Epson School of Art and Design, University of London
  MFA 1997, American University
Huiying Hellen Yin, 1994*
  Instructor of Chinese
  BA 1965, University of International Business and Economics
  (Beijing, China)
  MA 1991, University of St. Thomas
Yali You, 1996
  Associate Professor of Music
  BA 1984 Shanghai Conservatory of Music
  MM 1987, Performance Certificate, 1998, Northwestern University
  DMA 1996, University of Cincinnati
Barbara Younoszai, 1964-1965*, 1965
  Professor of Spanish
  BA 1955, MA 1962, University of California-Berkeley
  PhD 1971, University of Minnesota
Nurith Zmora, 1993
  Professor of Global Studies
  BA 1974, MA 1983, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  MA 1985, PhD 1990, Johns Hopkins University

Academic Staff in Athletics


Garnet Asmundson, Head Women’s Hockey Coach, Lecturer I

Andrew Coutts, Head Men’s Soccer, Assistant Tennis Coach, Lecturer II

Tony Englund, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, Lecturer I

Marty Knight, Professor of Physical Education

Troy Mallat, Sports Information Director

Chad Rogosheske, Assistant Football, Assistant Track Coach, Lecturer I

Gina Rollie, Head Volleyball Coach, Lecturer I

Paul Schmaedeke, Head Cross Country, Head Track Coach, Lecturer III/Chair, Physical Education Department

Janelle Tieken, Head Fast Pitch Coach, Lecturer II/Facilities Director

Jason Verdugo, Head Men’s Baseball, Assistant Football Coach, Lecturer I

Part-Time Athletic Coaches

Scott Bell, Head Hockey Coach

Derek Branch, Assistant Football Coach

Doug Byrnes, Head Women’s Gymnastics

Andrew Hanson, Head Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach

Chris Hartman, Strength Coach

Leif Hembre, Assistant Men’s Soccer

Dan Haertl, Head Tennis

Mark Kruse, Assistant Football Coach

Paul Miller, Head Football Coach

Mandy Pearson, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach

Nathan Perrel, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

Lynden Reder, Assistant Men’s and Women’s Track Coach

Becky Stowe, Head Athletic Trainer

Barry Wohler, Head Men’s Basketball Coach

Melissa Young-Kruse, Head Women’s Basketball Coach

Professors Emeriti

Gary Anderson, 1958-1997
  Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  BA 1956, Concordia College
  MA 1958, University of Nebraska
George Appel, 1966-1989
  Associate Professor Emeritus of English
  BS 1951, Northwestern University
  MA 1960, PhD 1973, University of Minnesota
Walter Benjamin, 1966-1994
  Professor Emeritus of Religion
  BA 1950, Hamline University
  BD 1953, Garrett Theological Seminary
  PhD 1957, Duke University
John Brennan, 1973-2001
  Professor Emeritus of Biology
  BA 1960, Hamilton College
  PhD 1970, State University of New York
Cynthia Cone, 1973-2002
  Professor Emeritus of Anthropology
  BA 1956, MA 1971, PhD 1976, University of Minnesota
Clifford Creswell, 1962-1999
  Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
  BS 1958, Franklin and Marshall College
  PhD 1962, Northwestern University
William Downing, 1963-1988
  Professor Emeritus of Biology
  BA 1943, MS 1948, PhD 1951, University of Iowa
Walter Fleming, 1957-1985
  Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  BA 1942 University of Saskatchewan
  MA 1944, PhD 1949, University of Minnesota
Mary Gotz, 1976-1995
  Professor Emeritus of Education
  BA 1958, College of St. Catherine
  MA 1964, Notre Dame University
Jerry Greiner, 1975-2004
  Professor Emeritus of Psychology
  BA 1971, Aquinas College
  MA 1973, PhD 1974, University of Cincinnati
Quay Grigg, 1963-1993
  Professor Emeritus of English
  BA 1949, MA 1950, Duke University
  PhD 1961, University of Pennsylvania
John Harrigan, 1969-1999
  Professor Emeritus of Political Science
  BS 1961, Loyola University
  MA 1962, University of Chicago
  PhD 1970, Georgetown University
Bert Hawkins, 1935-1968
  Assistant Professor Emeritus of Biology
  BS 1930, Hamline University
  MA 1932, University of Minnesota
Baldwin Hergenhahn, 1966-1991
  Professor Emeritus of Psychology
  BA 1959, Western Washington College
  MA 1965, PhD 1966, University of Arizona
Donovan Hull, 1969-1996
  Professor Emeritus of Religion
  BA 1952, University of Kansas
  BD 1955, STD 1970, Garrett Theological Seminary
Donald Irish, 1963-1985
  Professor Emeritus of Sociology
  BA 1941, MA 1950, University of Colorado
  MS 1944, George Williams College
  PhD 1957, University of Washington
Scott Johnston, 1947-1992
  Professor Emeritus of Political Science
  BA 1944, BS 1945, MA 1947, PhD 1952, University of Minnesota
Alan Kaske, 1972-1973*, 1979-1999
  Professor Emeritus of Physics
  BS 1958, MS 1961, PhD 1965, University of Minnesota
Carol Kelly, 1973-1996
  Professor Emeritus of Music
  BM 1958, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester
  MM 1960, Indiana University
Sylvia Kerr, 1972-1977*, 1977-2002
  Professor Emeritus of Biology
  BA 1963, Carleton College
  MS 1966, PhD 1968, University of Minnesota
William Kimes, 1964-2002
  Professor Emeritus of Theatre
  BA 1958, Beloit College
  MS 1962, PhD 1976, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jack King, 1965-1997
  Professor Emeritus
  BA 1953, MA 1957, MALS 1962, University of Minnesota
James Lynskey, 1965-1987
  Professor Emeritus of Political Science
  BS 1956, University of Maryland
  MA 1960, PhD 1966, University of Minnesota
Charles (Dick) Moyer, 1958-1994
  Professor Emeritus of English
  MA 1951, University of Chicago
  PhD 1959, University of Kansas
Richard Mulkern, 1962-1989
  Professor Emeritus of Physical Education
  BS 1948, MA 1949, University of Minnesota
Nadine Myers, 1979-1989*, 1990-2005
  Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  BS 1967, Bemidji State University
  MS 1969, PhD 1971, University of Iowa
Rodney Olsen, 1962-1999
  Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
  BA 1958, University of Minnesota-Duluth
  MS 1960, PhD 1962, Iowa State University
Paul Pizner, 1961-1996
  Jazz Conductor Emeritus
  BME 1955, MME 1960, University of Illinois
Richard Pontinen, 1959-1961*, 1961-2000
  Professor Emeritus of Physics
  BS 1955, Hamline University
  PhD 1962, University of Minnesota
Donald Rice, 1969-2004
  Professor Emeritus of French
  BA 1958, State University of New York
  MA 1962, Middlebury College
  PhD 1969, University of Wisconsin
Olaf Runquist, 1957-1999
  Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
  BS 1952, Iowa State University
  PhD 1956, University of Minnesota
C. Kent Stahly, 1965-1999
  Professor Emeritus of Physical Education
  BA 1956, Baldwin-Wallace College
  MA 1963, Bowling Green University
Joseph Uemura, 1966-1994
  Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
  BA 1946, University of Denver
  ThM 1949, Iliff Graduate School of Theology
  PhD 1958, Columbia University
George Vane, 1948-1989
  Professor Emeritus of English
  AA 1942, MA 1948, University of Chicago
  PhD 1958, University of Minnesota
Dale Varberg, 1958-1989
  Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
  BA 1954, MA 1957, PhD 1959, University of Minnesota
William Williams, 1961-1989
  Professor Emeritus of Economics
  AB 1954, Cornell
  PhD 1961, University of Colorado
Robert Willis, 1962-1996
  Professor Emeritus of Religion
  BA 1955, Occidental College
  BD 1958, ThD 1966, San Francisco Theological Seminary
Tinna Wu, 1968-1994
  Library Information Specialist/Professor Emeritus of Chinese
  BA 1958, University of East, Manila, Philippines
  MA 1962, 1976, University of Minnesota

2005-2006 Hamline University Board of Trustees



Kenneth Woodrow, Chair
  Vice Chairman, Retired
  Dayton-Hudson Corporation
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rodney Jordan, First Vice Chair
  General Counsel
  TLC Companies
  Arden Hills, Minnesota
Kita McVay, Second Vice Chair
  Minnwest Corporation
  Minnetonka, Minnesota
Linda N. Hanson, Third Vice Chair, Ex Officio
  Hamline University
  Saint Paul, Minnesota
Peg Birk, Secretary
  Interim President
  McKnight Foundation
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Allan R. DeBoer ‘64, Treasurer
  CEO, Retired
  Rochester Cheese
  Rochester, Minnesota


Connie Bakken
  Chair of the Board
  Citizens Independent Bank
  St. Louis Park, Minnesota
Mary K. Murray Boyd
  President & CEO
  MKB & Associates
  Roseville, Minnesota
Mary Brainerd
  HealthPartners, Inc.
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Laura Chin
  Edina, Minnesota
Sally Dyck, Ex Officio
  Resident Bishop, Minnesota Annual Conference United Methodist
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Irving D. Fish ‘71
  Founding Partner & Chief Operating Officer, Retired
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Winston Folkers ‘57
  President and Owner
  Folkers Associates
  Cincinnati, Ohio
Joan L. Gardner ‘66
  White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Joseph P. Graba
  Dean, Retired
  Graduate School of Education
  Hamline University
  Saint Paul, Minnesota
Richard A. Hoel ‘69
  Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gloria H. Kauls MALS ‘92
  Secondary School Teacher & Administrator, Retired
  Roseville, Minnesota
Gwen Lerner JD ‘78
  Attorney at Law
  The General Counsel, Ltd.
  Saint Paul, Minnesota
Barbara K. Lupient
  Lupient Enterprises
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Katherine Austin Mahle
  Coordinator of Ministry Area Specialist
  Minnesota Annual Conference
  United Methodist Church
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jerome B. Pederson ‘57
  Officer & Shareholder, Retired
  Fredrikson & Byron P.A.
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Teri E. Popp JD ‘87
  Attorney at Law
  Golden Valley, Minnesota
Joel Portice MAPA ‘93
  Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
  Enclarity Inc.
  Laguna Niguel, California
Robb Prince
  VP/Treasurer, Retired
  Jostens, Inc.
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rozanne L. Ridgway ‘57, LLD ‘78
  Ambassador, Retired
  Arlington, Virginia
Bruce Robbins
  Senior Minister
  Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mary Schrock
  Development Director
  PACER Center
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gary Stern
  President & CEO
  Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gloria Roach Thomas
  Lead Pastor
  Camphor Memorial United
  Methodist Church
  Saint Paul, Minnesota
John G. Turner *
  Vice Chairman, Retired
  ING Americas
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ricardo Paul Vallejos
  Founder & President
  International & Ethnic
  Communications, Inc.
  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Active Life Trustees

Ralph P. Hofstad ‘46
  President & CEO, Retired
  Land O’ Lakes
  Edina, Minnesota
Alexandra “Sandy” Klas
  Saint Paul, Minnesota
Robert C. Klas, Sr. ‘52
  President & Chairman
  Tapemark Company
  Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ronald A. Mitsch ‘56 *
  Vice Chairman & Executive
  Vice President, Retired
  Saint Paul, Minnesota
Gerald M. Needham
  Assistant Dean, Retired
  Mayo Medical School
  Rochester, Minnesota
Charles B. Purdham ‘48
  Minister, Retired
  United Methodist Church
  Brooklyn Center, Minnesota
Orem O. Robbins *
  Security American Financial
  Enterprises, Inc.
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
Walter B. Saunders *
  Vice Chairman, Retired
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
* Chair Emeritus



Office of the President

Linda Hanson, BA, MA, EdD
Phyllis Rawls Goff, BA, MAPA
  Chief of Staff

Academic Affairs

Katie Adams, BA, MA
  Director of the Center for Academic Services
F. Garvin Davenport, BA, MA, PhD
  Vice President for Academic Affairs
  Dean of the College
Amina Dioury, BA
  Assistant Director of the Center for Academic Services
Laurie Herbrand, BS, MS, EdD
  Registrar of the College
Brandon Lussier, BA, MA
  Assistant Director Off-Campus Programs/Study Abroad
Percy Nelson, BA
  Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Kari Richtsmeier, BA, MA, PhD
  Director of Off-Campus Programs
Alan J. Silva, BA, MA, PhD
  Associate Dean of the College
Julie M. Thompson, BA, MA, PhD
  Director, Writing Center, Tutoring & Academic Skills Programs
  Director, Oral Communication Program
  Co-Director, Writing Program
Alzada J. Tipton, BA, MA, PhD
  Associate Dean of the College
Lynette Wahl, BA, MAPA
  Director of Financial Aid
Kim Zielinski, BA
  Study Abroad Advisor

Office of Undergraduate/Graduate Admission and Career Services

Steve Bjork, BA
  Associate Vice President for Admission and Career Services
Jeanine Davidson
  Director of Operations and Information Systems
Christopher Funk, BA
  Assistant Director
Stephanie Harris, BA
  Admission Counselor
Christine Hedman, BA
  Assistant Director, Graduate Admission
Rossi Irausquin-Johnson, BA, MALS, MAPA
  International Program Development and International Admission
Lauren Kavan, BA, MA
  Career Counselor
Ann Kjorstad, BA
  Director of CLA Admission
Richard Manke, BGS, MA
  Director of Career Development
Jennifer Mayeron, BA, MA
  Associate Director
Terry Middendorf, BA, MA
  Associate Director of Career Development
Monita Mohammadian, BA, MA
  Job and Internship Developer
Brian Peterson, BA
  Associate Dean
Christopher Virta, BA
  Admission Counselor
Barb Winters, BA, MA
  Internship Counselor

Bush Library

Kathryn Borowske, BA, MFA, MA, MA in LS
  Graduate School Librarian
Barbara Brokopp, BA, MLIS
  Circulation Supervisor/Public Services Librarian
Diane Clayton, BA, MA, MALS
Kimberly Feilmeyer, BA, MS
  Reference Librarian
Jan Griffith, BA
  Serials Coordinator
Jon Neilson, BA
  Technical Services
Gail Peloquin, AA
  Access Services Coordinator
Julie Rochat, BA, MA in LS
Kristofer Scheid, BA, MLIS
  Graduate School Librarian
Amy Sheehan, BA, MA in LS
  Reference Librarian

Student Affairs

Alan L. Sickbert, BS, MEd, EdD
  Dean of Students
Barbara Bester, RN
  Interim Director of Counseling & Health Services
Theresa Mason, BS, MDiv, DMin, PhD
  University Chaplain/Assistant Professor
Carlos Sneed, BA, MA
  Director of Multicultural and International Student Affairs
Patti Klein, BS, MS
  Director of Residential Life
Kelly Krebs, BA, Med
  Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development
Wendy Burns, BS
  Assistant Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development
Hussein Rajput, BS, MA, PhD
  Associate Director of Counseling and Health Services
Javier Gutierrez, BA, Med
  Associate Director of Residential Life


Douglas P. Anderson, BA, CPA, MBA
  Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Michelle Hegarty, BS, CPA
  Associate Vice President for Finance
Judy Dehnel, BA
  Manager of Student Accounts
Mona Freeberg, BS, CPA
  Associate Vice President and Director of Financial Reporting
Lowell Bromander, BA
  Associate Vice President for Facilities
Alma Dancer, AAS, BA
  Manager, Mail and Document Services
Harry Pontiff, PhD
  Chief Information Officer
Dixie Lindsley, BS
  Director, Human Resources
Clare H. Brown, BA
  Office Manager/Risk Management Specialist

University Relations

Dan Loritz, BA, MS
  Vice President
Jane Telleen, BA, MA
  Associate Vice President for University Relations
Betsy Radtke, BA
  Associate Vice President, Alumni Relations
Jeffrey Johnson, BA, MA
  Executive Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
Linda Gesling, BA, MDiv, PhD
  Director of Church Relations
Elizabeth Harty, BA
  Director of Annual Giving Operations
Timothy Traffie, BA
  Director of Alumni Information Systems, Associations of Hamline Alumni
Carol Bishop, BA, MALS
  Development Officer, Theological Exploration of VocationProgram

CLA Alumni Relations and Alumni Annual Fund

Betsy Radtke, BA
  Executive Director
Molly Glewwe, BS
  Associate Director
Karla Williams, BA
  Associate Director

CLA Development

Lynn Praska, BA, MALS
  Director of CLA Development
Carrie Albers, BA
  Assistant Director of Development, CLA
Dana Johnson, BA
  Director of Development, Athletics
Diann Moeller, BA
  Major and Planned Gift Officer

Office of Marketing and Communications

Christine Berg, BA
  Director of Events
Kelly Christ, AAS
  Senior Graphic Designer
Barbara Eijadi, BA
  Traffic Manager/Electronic Production Artist
Mary Ellen Griffith, BA
  Online Marketing Manager
Breanne Hanson Hegg, BA, MANM
  Executive Director of Creative Services
Tracy Sparby, BS
  Program and Events Coordinator
Kristen Neurer, BA
  Internal Communications Director
Jennifer Thorson, BA
  Associate Vice President


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