2014-2015 School of Law Bulletin 
    Feb 26, 2024  
2014-2015 School of Law Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]



Students may request copies of the following portions of their student file only:

  • Application for Admissions
  • Personal Statement
  • LSAT exam cover page

Without exception, copies of transcripts from other institutions will not be furnished.

The following fees apply to all copy services:

  • First Ten Pages: $5.00
  • Additional Pages: $.50 each

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is administered through the University Financial Aid office which administers and enforces federal, state and university rules on financial aid. Students who are considering changes in enrollment (e.g., leaves, visiting away, withdrawals), status (e.g., full-time to part-time or vice-versa), and courses (adds and drops which may affect enrollment status) should contact Financial Aid before they seek to make these changes to determine the effect of the changes on their Financial Aid. The law school administration does not have authority over financial aid decisions.


Students requesting a facsimile transmission must provide a cover page identifying themselves and the third party, total number of pages, contact numbers for themselves and the third party and any special transmission instructions. The Office of the Registrar reserves the right to refuse transmission of materials it deems inappropriate for transmission from Hamline Law. The following fees apply to local and long distance faxes:

  • First Ten Pages: $5.00
  • Additional Pages: $.50 each

The Office of the Registrar cannot send faxes internationally.

The Office of the Registrar cannot accept and distribute faxes for students.

File Review

Students may review their files located in the Office of the Registrar as stipulated in the Hamline University FERPA statement (see the Confidential Information and Privacy Policy section above). Students have a right to review the file as maintained by Hamline Law only. Copies of the student file will not be furnished for review purposes except for the materials listed in the FERPA statement or above or as required by applicable law. All review sessions must be pre-scheduled with the Office of the Registrar and will be supervised by staff from the Office of the Registrar. There are no file retrieval fees.

Library Services

The Hamline Law Library and Bush Memorial Library provide library services to Hamline students. Please consult their respective web pages for more information about hours, loan policies, CLIC/LUMINA and other interlibrary loan services, online search catalogues and other information.


Locker Availability: Hamline Law lockers in the lower level of the law school building are available for rent to law students and law student organizations from the Office of the Registrar.

Process for Requesting, Assigning, and Relinquishing Lockers: Students may request one or more lockers online using the Locker Request Form. To request multiple lockers, students should submit multiple requests; students should not submit multiple requests unless they want multiple lockers. Locker numbers are assigned at random. Students who have difficulty accessing lockers on top rows may express a preference for the lower row or vice versa on the locker request form. Students may relinquish lockers at any time by emailing lawregistrar@hamline.edu.

Locker Fees: For each locker rented, a nominal non-refundable fee is automatically charged to the student’s account each semester ($10.00). An appropriate cleaning fee will be assessed if the locker is not emptied and cleaned by the deadlines stipulated below.

Locker Combination: Students’ locker number and combination information are available via Piperline. From the main menu, click Personal Information and then Campus Address (Mail Stop) Information. Locker number and combination information for student organizations are available via Piperline under the account(s) of the designated organization member(s). Students who believe their combination number has been compromised should request a combination change from the Office of the Registrar.

Locker Content Limitations: Students and student organizations should employ common sense regarding what to store in the lockers. Students should not store perishable or malodorous items, flammable, corrosive or otherwise dangerous substances, noise emitting devices, etc.

Law Student Access to Lockers: Hamline Law reserves the right, without notice, to open lockers and dispose of any items or substances deemed harmful, dangerous or annoying to others and/or to notify law enforcement authorities if the possession of any contents of the locker is illegal.

No Insurance: Locker contents are not insured by Hamline Law; students are discouraged from storing valuables.

Ending Locker Use: Students who withdraw or are withdrawn from Hamline Law, go on a leave of absence, or visit away for fall or spring term(s) must remove all contents and clean their lockers within fifteen days of the effective date of the withdrawal or leave. Students who graduate must remove all contents and clean their lockers within sixty days of graduation. Contents not removed by the stated deadlines will be discarded or donated. A minimum $10.00 per locker cleaning fee may be assessed.

Student Organization Lockers: Student organization leaders may request a locker for their student organization using the same online form. The organization leader will be billed the locker fee and may seek reimbursement from the organization for the cost. The locker will be noted as for organization use, and the leader may request additional users. All assigned users will be billed (and may also seek reimbursement) and may view the combination via Piperline. When the organization leader graduates or otherwise leaves Hamline Law, he or she must transfer the locker by sending an email to lawregistrar@hamline.edu with the organization name, the locker number, and the name of the incoming organization leader to whom the locker should be transferred. The incoming organization leader must be copied on the email to authorize the transfer. Organization lockers that are not transferred will be emptied and revert to the pool of unassigned lockers and contents will be discarded or donated.

Lost and Found

Items turned into the Office of the Registrar are forwarded to the Campus Office of Safety and Security for safekeeping. The Law Library maintains a Lost and Found for items lost or found in the law library.

Mail Services

The Mail Services Center, where a full range of mailing services is available, is located in the basement of Walker Fieldhouse.

Notary Services

Notary services are free to current students from many members of the law school staff and faculty. Appointments for services are recommended to ensure staff availability.


The Office of Safety and Security registers autos and enforces the Parking Policy, including issuing permits for parking at Hamline. Students who ride bicycles or other non-motorized vehicles to or on campus should note the Bicycles Policy, available on the university web page.

Room Scheduling

Process for Scheduling Rooms: Rooms may be requested and reserved, and capacity and availability checked, on the Campus Logistics web page.

Restrictions on Scheduling Rooms: With the exception of the third floor library study rooms, which are scheduled through the circulation desk in the law library, individual students may not schedule rooms for individual study.

Student Organization Event Approval Form: To reserve a room for a student organization sponsored event, the student organization officer requesting the room must submit a Student Organization Event Approval Form to the Programs Office for approval.

Building Use Policy: For additional information on rules for using Hamline buildings, see the University Building Use Policy, Posting and Canvassing Policy, and Political Candidate/Campaign Policy. Students who are planning gatherings or events on campus, whether professional or personal, should review Hamline’s policies and procedures on alcohol use, smoking, substance abuse, and parking as well. All University policies are available online.

Student Accounts

The University Student Accounts Office administers Hamline’s policies and rules regarding tuition and fees, payment schedules, etc. Students who have financial difficulties (including problems with scholarships or financial aid) that prevent them from complying with payment agreements should immediately inform Student Accounts and make appropriate arrangements. Students with a financial hold that prevents them from registering for classes or accessing grade information must contact Student Accounts to revise their payment agreements before a financial hold can be removed. The law school administration does not remove financial holds.

Technology Services

The Department of Information and Technology Services (ITS) provides most of the technology services available to Hamline law students. For technology troubleshooting, students may call the ITS Helpdesk at 651-523-2220, email the helpdesk at itshelp@hamline.edu, or visit ITS in the lower level of Bush Library (the undergraduate library adjacent to the law school.) Students should carefully read the Technology Use Policy and the E-mail Use Policy, available at online. Students who live on campus, plan to download significant amounts of material, or have rights to utilize a Hamline web page should also review the Bandwidth and Copyright Infringement Policy, the Web Policy, and the Software Policy, as appropriate.