2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin 
    Feb 25, 2024  
2017-2018 Graduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

Faculty Directory

For the 2018-2019 academic year
Year following name is first year of appointment
* indicates part-time

The Creative Writing Programs

John Brandon, 2012
Assistant Professor
BA 1999, University of Florida
MFA 2001, Washington University

Patricia Weaver Francisco, 1988-2011*, 2011
Professor of Practice
BA 1973, University of Michigan

Sheila O’Connor, 1992
Associate Professor
BA 1982, University of Minnesota
MFA 1986, Iowa Writers Workshop

Mary Rockcastle, 1991
Associate Professor, Director of The Creative Writing Programs
BA, Douglass College
MA 1980, University of Minnesota

Katrina Vandenberg, 2013
Assistant Professor
BFA 1992, Bowling Green State University
MFA 1997, University of Arkansas

Angela Pelster-Wiebe, 2015
Assistant Professor
B.Ed. 2001, University of Alberta
MFA 2012, University of Iowa

For faculty in the MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults program, please visit the website at www.hamline.edu/cwp


Graduate Legal Education

Stephen Arnott, 2008
Associate Professor
BA 1981, University of Tasmania
JD 1994, William Mitchell College of Law

Leondra Hanson, 2008
Associate Professor, Chair
BA 1995, Concordia College
JD 1999, University of Minnesota

Jeanne Kosieradzki, 1992-1996*, 1996
BS 1986, Winona State University
JD 1991, William Mitchell College of Law

Jennifer Will, 2017*, 2018
Assistant Professor
BA 1990, Hope College
JD 1994, University of Michigan Law School


School of Business

Hossein Akhavi-Pour, 1982-1988*, 1988
BA 1969, Faculty of Law, University of Tehran
MA 1975, PhD 1980, Kansas State University

Peggy Andrews, 2011
Senior Lecturer
BA 1989, Ambassador University
MA 1999, St. Mary’s University
PhD, University of Minnesota

David Berg, 2009
Associate Professor
BA 1981, St. Olaf College
MIBS 1984, University of South Carolina
PhD 1998, University of Minnesota

Stacie Bosley, 2012
Associate Professor
BBA 1994, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD 2001, University of Minnesota

Thomas Burns, 2009-2014*, 2014
Visiting Instructor
BA 1966, Iona College
MBA 1990, University of St. Thomas

Jeannie Fox, 2015*
Professor of Practice
BA 1988, South Dakota State University
M.Ed. 1993, University of North Texas

Kenneth Fox, 1996
Director, Conflict Studies
Senior Fellow, Dispute Resolution Institute
BA 1979, University of California
JD 1985, Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College

Elizabeth Gunderson, 1980
Professor, Associate Dean
BAS 1976, University of Minnesota
MBA 1981, College of St. Thomas
PhD 1991, The Union Institute

Eric Hammer, 2018
Assistant Professor
BS 2003, Pennsylvania State University
MA 2014, George Mason University
PhD 2018, George Mason University

Jae Hawn Lee, 2015
Assistant Professor
BA 2000, MA 2006, Seoul National University
MBA 2008, Brigham Young University
PhD 2015, Texas Tech University

J. Dan Lehmann, 2008
Senior Lecturer
BS 1974, MS 1975, PhD 1982, University of Illinois

Seamus Li, 2018
Assistant Professor
BA 2008, University of New Mexico
MA 2013, University of Colorado at Boulder
PhD 2018, University of Colorado at Boulder

John Lochner, 2016
Visiting Instructor
BS 1980, Ohio State University
MA 1987, University of Texas-Dallas
MA 2009, Hamline University
DPA In-Progress, Hamline University

Anne M. McCarthy, 2011
Professor, Dean
AB 1980, Georgetown University
MBA 1986, University of Connecticut
PhD 1992, Purdue University

Austin Miller, 2018
Assistant Professor
BA 2010, Brigham Young University
MPP 2012, Brigham Young University
PhD 2018, Washington State University

Kristen Norman-Major, 2001
BA 1987, Hamline University
MA 1990, University of Minnesota
PhD 1996, Vanderbilt University

Robert Routhieaux, 2006
Associate Professor
BS 1987, California State University, Chico
MS 1993, PhD 1995, University of Arizona

James Scheibel, 2006*, 2014
Professor of Practice
BA 1969, St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN
Master of Public Affairs 2014, University of Minnesota

Chad Sponsler, 2009
Senior Lecturer
BA 2002, MBA 2003, University of North Dakota
JD 2008, Hamline University

Daniel Toninato, 2014
BS 1987, St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN
MBA 2011, Augsburg College

Nancy Webber, 2008
Senior Lecturer
BS 2002, MBT 2004, University of Minnesota


School of Education

Letitia Basford, 2008
Associate Professor
BA 1995, University of Minnesota
MA 2000, San Francisco State University
PhD 2008, University of Minnesota

Michelle Benegas, 2015
Assistant Professor
BA 2000, University of St. Thomas
MA 2003, Hamline University

Patty Born-Selly, 2015
Assistant Professor
BA 2001, Metropolitan State University
MA 2005, Hamline University

James Brickwedde, 1995*, 2011
Assistant Professor
BA 1977, State Universities of New York-Buffalo
MSE 1993, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
PhD 2011, University of Minnesota

Jennifer Carlson, 2006
Associate Professor
BS 1991, Winona State University
MS 1998, Minnesota State University, Mankato
PhD 2001, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Jeff Fink, 2009
BS 1976, University of Minnesota
MA 1984, University of St. Thomas

Tracy Fredin, 1995
Assistant Professor
Director, Center for Global Environmental Education
BS 1980, University of Minnesota-Morris
MA 2005, Hamline University

LeeAnne Godfrey, 2016
Assistant Professor
BA 2000, University of Wisconsin, Madison
MA 2004, PhD 2015, University of Minnesota

Kim Hartung, 2007
Associate Professor
BS 1980, University of Minnesota, Duluth
MA 1995, University of Minnesota
EdD 2005, Hamline University

Trish Harvey, 2014
Assistant Professor
BA 1992, Luther College
MS 1996, University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse
EdD 2003, University of Minnesota

Sarah Hick, 2007
Associate Professor
BA 1992, Grinnell College
MA 1996, Yale University
PhD 2008, University of Minnesota

Vivian Johnson, 1996
BA 1974, University of Colorado
MAT 1980, Monmouth College
MS 1986, PhD 1988, University of Oregon

Kim Koeppen, 2004
BA 1984, Iowa State University
MS 1991, Northern Illinois University
PhD 1996, University of Iowa

Joe Lewis, 2006
Associate Professor
BA 1989, Grinnell College
MA 1999, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
EdD 2006, Columbia University Teachers College

Bill Lindquist, 2008
Associate Professor
BA 1976, Augsburg College
MA 1993, University of St. Thomas
PhD 2001, University of Minnesota

Karen Moroz, 2011
Associate Professor
Chair, Advanced Degrees and Administrative Licensure Department
BS 1992, Saint Cloud State University
MA 1997, Saint Mary’s University
EdD 2004, Hamline University

Rebecca Neal, 2015
Associate Professor
BS 1993, Hampton University
MEd 1994, College of William and Mary

Betsy Parrish, 1991
BA 1982, MA 1985, University of Minnesota

Julia Reimer, 1997
Associate Professor
BA 1986, Goshen College
MSW 1988, Wilfrid Laurier University
MAT 1999, School for International Training

Andreas Schramm, 1995
MA 1985, University of Freiburg
MA 1993, PhD 1998, University of Minnesota

Deb Sheffer, 2002
Assistant Professor
BA 1977, Gustavus Adolphus College
MA 1998, Hamline University
EdD 2011, Hamline University

John Shepard, 1996
Associate Professor
Assistant Director, Center for Global Environmental Education
BA 1976, University of the Pacific
MA 1979, Indiana University

Maggie Struck, 2016
Assistant Professor
BA 2000, University of St. Thomas
MA 2012, PhD candidate, University of Minnesota