2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin 
    Apr 11, 2021  
2019-2020 Graduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

Master of Nonprofit Management (MNM)

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The Hamline University master of nonprofit management (MNM) program gives working professionals the practical knowledge, tools, and skills they need to manage the complex challenges of the nonprofit sector. The MNM program is recognized as the premier master’s degree program in the region dedicated exclusively to management principles of practitioners and professionals in the discipline. The curriculum provides breadth and depth on managing nonprofit organizations with strong theory to practice orientation. The program also provides exceptional networking and career enhancing opportunities.

The MNM program is available at the Hamline University Saint Paul campus.

All students in the MNM program are required to complete forty-eight academic credits. This includes eight required core courses, three elective courses, and one capstone course. 

The MNM program begins with a leadership course and additional courses (required and elective) provide working professionals with a base of knowledge in a variety of subjects, each necessary to build effective management skills.


MNM Degree Requirements (48 credits and 3.0 GPA):

Additional Requirements:

Students are expected to arrive with paid or volunteer experience in the field and are generally employed in the sector while completing the program.

Course Substitution or Waiver

Student requests for substitution of a required course or courses shall be forwarded to the Program Director whose decision on the request shall be final. No more than two (2) required courses may be substituted. In all instances of substitution of required courses, the student is required to register and successfully complete another course or courses whose total credits equal the number of credits represented by the substituted required course(s).

The only basis for requesting a substitution of a MNM required course shall be duplication of coursework already successfully completed in a different program at Hamline University or another institution. The student must include the syllabus or syllabi from the course(s) taken and an official transcript showing successful completion unless that transcript is already a part of the student’s application file. Under no condition may the course(s) used as a substitution have been completed more than seven (7) years prior to admission to the MNM program.

Time Limit

Generally, it will take students 2-3 years to complete the traditional MNM program; however, 7 years is the allowed maximum.

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