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2009-2010 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

Careers and Jobs: Entering the World of Work

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We have all read the predictions: people entering the job market in the twenty-first century will expect to have six-some say eight-careers in their lifetimes. Add to this the growing complexity of families, communities, and professions, and you need skills to cope and adapt to many life choices.

Let the liberal arts become your intellectual and career toolbox. Prepare yourself for the various career roles that await you by acquiring strong learning skills: writing, speaking, research, computing, reasoning…sound familiar? Yes. The goal-directed Hamline Plan will empower you for life.

If you have a particular field of interest, please feel free to consult with a faculty advisor or someone from the Career Development Center.

How Majors Relate to Careers and Graduate Study


Student interest, more than college major, is the main indicator of future career choice. The Hamline Plan and the Bridges Scholars program provide excellent bases for entrance into a wide variety of career fields for all majors. The listings below demonstrate a sampling of the many career options available to Hamline graduates.

Fine Arts

Art and Art History: Careers in museums, galleries, historical societies, or retailing; advertising, graphic arts, publishing, and marketing. Many art students go on to graduate study.

Music: Talented students and musicians find careers in vocal or musical performance, entertainment, private or public school teaching, college teaching, history, publishing, or concert/arts management. Some pursue graduate studies before embarking upon successful careers.

Communication Studies and Theatre Arts: Graduate studies or employment in broad communication fields-marketing, public relations, broadcasting, publishing, teaching, human resources, management, sales, and law. Acting, directing, teaching, set design and technician, and administrator; regional and national auditions for advanced training and professional work.


English and Writing: Highly marketable skills for a variety of fields and postgraduate study: teaching, business, management, technical writing, journalism, communications, advertising, marketing, public relations, human resources, and government service.

Modern Languages and Literature: Careers in journalism, communications, business, social welfare, education, nonprofit and government agencies, and law.

Philosophy: Law, medicine, theology, technology, teaching, and writing; graduate study in preparation to teach at the college or university level and law school.

Religion: Seminary in preparation for religious work; graduate studies in law, sociology, medicine, business, or the academic study of religion.

Social Sciences

Anthropology: Social and cultural careers: law, education, health, urban planning, public service, nonprofit organizations, cultural resource management, and business; graduate or professional training. Forensic scientists work in law, law enforcement, or crime labs.

Business Administration and Economics: Careers in businesses, financial institutions, federal, state and local government, and nonprofit organizations. Highly marketable skills for a variety of fields within management and economics, such as business communications, advertising, marketing, business analysis, accounting, finance, social service, management, and human resources. Graduate study, both master’s and PhD, in economics, business administration/management, and law, for teaching and research

History: Government service, international trade, journalism, language instruction, arts, and intercultural communication; graduate work; interdisciplinary combinations.

Legal Studies: Professional graduate study in law and public policy. Careers in private law firms, private and public organizations, and government service.

Political Science: Careers or graduate programs in public administration, policy analysis, planning, law, politics, diplomacy, scholarship, or business.

Psychology: Graduate study to prepare for teaching and research in colleges and universities; vocational guidance and counseling; public health and community centers, and local, state, and federal agencies. Human resources in business and industry, employment interviewing, industrial relations, merchandising and sales, advertising, government service, and community enterprises.

Sociology: Careers in teaching, research, social services, business, government; graduate study in sociology, social work, criminal justice and corrections, industrial relations, law, urban planning, and public administration.

Natural Sciences

Biology: Medicine, dentistry, medical technology, veterinary medicine, biological and medical research, and secondary school teaching; careers in science, business, social services, law, public administration, politics, or environmental studies.

Chemistry: Advanced degree work and professional opportunities in chemical engineering, biochemistry, chemical education, or other fields such as anthropology, agriculture, forestry science, bacteriology, biology, botany, ecology, food science, geology, law, medicine, pharmacology, psychology, pollution control, public health, and veterinary medicine.

Mathematics: Teacher certification, graduate study, or fields such as high technology, management, or statistics.

Physics: Careers in engineering, advanced work in experimental or theoretical physics or astrophysics, and advanced degrees in physics, electrical engineering, civil or mechanical engineering, computer science, and aerospace or material sciences.

Where Are Recent Hamline Graduates?


The following is a representative listing of the past three years of Hamline graduates and their career or graduate school choices. What careers do liberal arts graduates enter? Every career imaginable.

Fine Arts - Employers
Harper Collins Publishers
KARE 11 Television
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
Minnesota Orchestra
Padilla Speer Beardsley
Penumbra Theatre
Saint Paul Parks & Recreation
Special Olympics Minnesota
Target Corporation

Fine Arts - Graduate Schools
Bucknell University MFA, Sculpture
University of Florida MA, Art History
University of Texas MFA, Drama

Humanities - Employers
American Red Cross
Centro Cultural Chicano Inc.
The Citizen Newspaper
Gibbs Museum
JET (Japanese English Teaching Program)
Mayo Foundation
Minnesota Department of Transportation
School districts nationwide
Thomson West
US Bancorp

Humanities - Graduate Schools
Johns Hopkins University MAT
SUNY-Buffalo PhD, English
University of California, Irvine PhD, Philosophy
University of Denver MA, International Relations
University of Minnesota PhD, Philosophy
Yale Divinity School, MDIV

Social Sciences - Employers
Allianz Securities
American Red Cross
Best Buy
BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension)
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Carlson Marketing
Community Mediation Services, Inc.
Dakota County Corrections
Department of Veterans Affairs
General Mills
Hennepin County Crime Lab
Land O’Lakes
Law firms
Minnesota Children’s Museum
Peace Corps
Target Corporation
TCF Bank
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
U.S. House of Representatives
Wells Fargo

Social Sciences - Graduate Schools
Brandeis University MA, Psychology
Columbia University School of Law
Hamline University School of Law
Harvard University Master of Public Policy
Michigan State University MA, Human Resources
Pepperdine University International Business
University of Alabama PhD, Clinical Psychology
University of California-Berkeley PhD
University of Denver MA, Comparative Politics/Human Rights
University of Hawaii MAT
University of Limerick, Ireland MA, Peace Studies
University of Minnesota, Carlson School - MAHRIR and MBA
University of Minnesota Law School
University of New Haven MA, Forensic Sciences
University of Washington PhD, Economics
William Mitchell College of Law

Natural Sciences - Employers
Allina Health Systems
Boston Scientific
Braun Intertec
Intelligent Automated Machines
Infosys Technologies, Inc.
Long Lake Conversation Center
Planned Parenthood
Mayo Clinic
VA Medical Center
Vascular Solutions, Inc.

Natural Sciences - Graduate Schools
Dartmouth PhD, Mathematics
Marquette University MS, Analytical Chemistry
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine MD/PhD
MIT PhD, Physical Chemistry
North Carolina State University MS, Mechanical Engineering
University of Arizona PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences
University of California-Irvine PhD, Chemistry
University of Colorado PhD, Mathematics
University of Minnesota MS, Biostatistics
University of Minnesota PhD, Aerospace Engineering
University of Minnesota Medical School PhD, Neuroscience
University of Minnesota School of Dentistry
University of Nebraska Medical Center Doctorate, Physical Therapy
University of Notre Dame PhD, Physical Chemistry
University of Oregon PhD, Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh PhD, Public Health (Toxicology)
University of Tennessee Space Institute MS, Aerospace Engineering
Washington State University DVM, Veterinary Medicine

Finding Your Way at Hamline University


Throughout your time at Hamline, you will have access to a co-curricular advisor and the complete services of the Career Development Center. You will find an internship in a field that interests you so that you can explore that field in greater depth. You will plan your academic program with careful thought given to your career objectives and real-life marketability. The liberal arts will become your intellectual and career toolbox.