May 27, 2018  
2011-2012 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

Legal Studies Major

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Major Requirements

The legal studies major consists of forty (40) credits as follows:

Twenty-four (24) elective course credits

  • Each student selects two and four-credit courses totaling 24 credits from all LGST courses or the following interdisciplinary offerings:


  • LGST 3100 - American Constitutional Law
  • LGST 3820 - Constitutional Issues in Criminal Procedure
  • MGMT 3130 - Business Law
  • PHIL 1130 - Logic
  • PHIL 3330 - Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy

    Legal studies majors who intend to go on to law school are encouraged to strongly consider a second major or minor in the field of their choice. A legal studies major is not required for law school admissions. Students interested in law school should also strongly consider taking PHIL 1130: Logic, as well as writing-intensive and formal reasoning courses beyond those required of the Hamline Plan.

    Majors who plan to work immediately after completing their four-year degree are encouraged to select electives leading to the paralegal certificate or to finish a major in another discipline that offers law-related employment opportunities requiring a bachelor’s degree such as criminal justice, English, or political science.

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