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2011-2012 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2011-2012 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

English Major with Concentration in Creative Writing

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The English major requires 10 courses:

4 introductory inquiries (2 survey courses and 2 “gateway” courses)
5 intermediate inquiries
1 senior seminar

The English major with a concentration in creative writing requires 12 courses, which includes an additional 2 intermediate inquiries in creative writing.

Students interested in an English major or minor are encouraged to take survey courses (ENG 1210: British Literatures to 1789; ENG 1220: British Literatures after 1789; ENG 1230: American Literatures to 1860; ENG 1240: American Literatures after 1860; ENG 1250: World Literatures; or ENG 1270: African-American Literatures) in their first year and to declare a major as sophomores.

In conjunction with declaring an English major or minor, students must take ENG 3010: Textual Studies and Criticism and ENG 3020: Literary and Cultural Theory, a sequence of “gateway” courses in critical methods and contemporary theory. Juniors and seniors should take primarily 3000-level courses, at least three of which must be literature courses.

A senior seminar is the capstone course, in which students study a topic, author, or a period in depth and develop independent research projects. ENG 3020: Literary and Cultural Theory and the senior seminar must be taken at Hamline. ENG 3010 and ENG 3020 must be taken at least one semester before the senior seminar and are strongly recommended before taking other 3000-level courses.

Creative Writing Alternative
Students interested in pursuing a program in creative writing also can take an English major and a creative writing minor (see requirements in other sections).

Major Requirements

(Note: ENG 1110 is not part of the major but can be counted toward breadth of study.)

English Major with Concentration in Creative Writing Requirements:

The Concentration in Creative Writing requires 12 courses in the department, including:

Two survey courses, which may not be from the same category below:

Two gateway courses to be taken in sequence:

Three 3000-level literature courses

Note: at least three of the five 3000-level courses above ENG 3020 must be literature courses, which includes courses numbered ENG 3450 to ENG 3570, ENG 3100, ENG 3190, and ENG 5600.

Three 3000-level creative writing courses

Note: the first course should be ENG 3300: Creative Writing. ENG 3380: Advanced Creative Writing may be repeated with different course topics.

One additional 3000-level elective:

This elective may be taken as a literature, creative writing, or professional writing (including journalism) course in the department.

One Senior Seminar “Capstone”:

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