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2010-2011 Undergraduate Bulletin 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Bulletin [Archived Bulletin]

Creative Writing Department

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The Bachelor in Fine Arts (BFA) in creative writing is a studio-academic degree, primarily designed to train aspiring authors to pursue graduate studies in creative writing and/or careers as professional literary artists. The BFA creative writing curriculum, designed to accompany a well-rounded liberal arts education and study of literature and literary theory, provides students with fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills that will prepare them (though they may go on to choose any number of career options) to pursue the literary writing life and to function as emerging literary artists.

The tiered curriculum of our BFA courses is designed to train apprentice writers to navigate the complexities of craft proficiency, creative process, identification of voice, and the journey toward publication, as well as to prepare them—particularly if they wish to go on to teach creative writing as well as write—to be accepted into and succeed in a graduate creative writing program. Required English literature courses are crucial to the education of the undergraduate writer because literary artists need to read broadly as well as write, need grounding in the history of literary forms, and need the practice and instruction in the critical thinking and expository writing skills necessary to interpret those forms. BFA students combine this necessary study of literature with an intensive applied technical training in creative writing process and craft.

Resources for Nonmajors

Non-creative writing majors are encouraged to take those creative writing courses open to the general student body. These courses can develop appreciation of literary forms, creative process and textual interpretation skills across artistic disciplines.


An internship experience is a required component of the degree program. Hamline’s commitment to community-based learning and its location in the Twin Cities give students the opportunity to choose from a wide range of internship experiences in the literary marketplace.

Postgraduate Opportunities

Upon graduation from Hamline, BFA graduates will have a wide range of fundamental and advanced knowledge and skills that will prepare them to pursue the literary writing life or a range of careers in areas such as teaching creative writing, publishing, advertising, and marketing. A large percentage of students will go on to pursue graduate study.


Our creative writing faculty are published, award-winning authors and highly effective teachers who create a caring, engaged, and supportive environment. English department faculty are highly regarded teachers and scholars known for their attention to students and the quality of their students’ individual and collaborative research projects.

Barrie Borich, Assistant Professor
BA 1991, University of Minnesota
MFA 2009, Pacific Lutheran University

David Marshall Chan, Assistant Professor
BA, Yale University
MFA, Syracuse University
MFA, University of California, Irvine

Deborah Keenan, Professor
BA 1974, Macalester College

Sheila O’Connor, Assistant Professor
BA 1982, University of Minnesota
MFA 1986, Iowa Writers Workshop

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